The best learning happens while you are in action!

While textbooks provide detailed theoretical knowledge required about a topic, the best way to help children memorise what they have learned is to put them into action. That’s why we at Stylus, provide workbooks and activity sheets to complement our learning development learning kit.

Workbooks consist of quizzes and objective questions while activity sheets encourage children to perform tasks individually or in groups to recall what they have learned. These are fun ways to reiterate what has been learned. Teachers can also use workbooks and activity sheets to assess students’ knowledge.

At Stylus, we create workbooks and activity sheets that include scenario-based questions, practical activities and case studies. We also provide objective activities in the form of fill in the blanks, multiple choice questions, true or false, match the columns, find the odd one out and so on. Our workbook and activity sheets include:

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Our team creates workbooks and activity sheets for various subjects with characters, attractive colours and impressive stories to make learning light and interesting. Workbooks encourage learners to enjoy their experience while gaining as much knowledge that will be beneficial to them in the long run. Workbooks and activity sheets are also great to encourage children to ask questions to seek help in the areas where they face difficulties.