Attracting learners through visual means!

One mode of teaching may get monotonous and hence, a little colour, some animation and a few graphics can be used to make learning interesting. Stylus creates such exciting and interesting PowerPoint presentation layouts as part of their e-learning content development to attract a learner’s attention. We develop powerful visual representations of a topic or a complex concept to help break it down so that it can benefit the learners.

This encourages interaction between learners and also between learners and facilitators. Whether it is Instructor-Led Training (ILT) or a part of an e-learning solution, our thought-provoking PowerPoint presentations are known to boost a learner’s overall learning experience and give them space and time to think.

We create training materials, of which there are separate presentations for facilitators and learners. While devising the content that appears in these presentations, we ensure to select the important points of each topic so that they benefit the learners.

At Stylus, we create presentations that contain:

  • Images, infographics, illustrations, charts, graphs, flowcharts, and animations for the purpose of emphasis
  • Minimal yet effective and easily readable text
  • Suggestions for the faculty to address a class and other additional information and suggestions helpful for conducting activities and games

The presentations created by Stylus also contain a section known as Teacher’s or Facilitator’s notes. This section includes pointers, tips or suggestions on what to speak for each topic or which activities can be conducted per topic.