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Since 2009, Stylus has been developing educational courseware and delivering the best learning experiences to students, teachers and corporate learners. Our team consists of experienced content writers, teachers, instructional designers, graphic designers and subject matter experts who keep an eye on the accuracy, quality and appropriate implementation of design and learning materials. Being an e learning development company, we provide courseware that can be delivered in a classroom as well as online.

At Stylus, we develop courses for all age groups that include the following deliverables:

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K-12 Courseware

hese include textbooks for schools right from kindergarten to Grade 12. We provide a gradual learning curve for children, where they recollect what’s learnt in the earlier grade and learn more regarding the same topic or learn new topics. We keep our books interesting by using themes, mascots, elements like brainstorming, did you know, etc. We also create interesting and eye-catching illustrations to help children recollect what’s being taught. In addition, the books are supported with interesting videos, presentations, workbooks and activity sheets. We also provide teacher’s guides or lesson plans for the teachers. While ensuring that the subject is being covered, we also include activities that enrich a child’s personal skills, such as communication, teamwork, coordination, cooperation, grooming, cognitive and motor skills, creativity, etc.

Higher Education Content

We create content for higher education, such as books for HR, Marketing, Finance, Retail, etc. These are supported with videos, worksheets, presentations and assessments. We develop content that can be consumed online as well as in class (ILTs). We include industry-based case studies for students to gain experience and hold discussions. While ensuring that the subject is being covered, we also include activities that enrich the learner’s interpersonal skills, such as communication, teamwork, coordination, cooperation, etc.

In addition, we develop courses for corporate training, including content for soft skills, such as communication, negotiation, time management, problem-solving, leadership, work ethics, critical thinking, grooming, creative thinking, etc. These can be delivered online and in class.

We also develop content for government-required courses and skills, such as work safety, ICT, hospitality, banking, personal and professional proficiency, etc. We develop participant manuals, teacher’s guides, presentations, etc.

Technology-based Books

We develop technology-based books for programming languages, such as C++, HTML, Java, etc. We also develop content for CCNA, networking, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, etc. We have a team of SMEs with certification in different technologies, who guide our technical writers to create the content.

We also develop online courses for technological topics, which include videos, screen captures, and simulations for learners to perform a procedure.

Teacher’s Guides

We provide teacher guides or faculty guides to provide a standard pedagogy for the learners. Our guides outline how a class should be conducted and also provides break times and activities for students. Our guides also suggest topics of discussion and questions to be asked in class. The guide also provides answers to questions asked in the textbooks. A teacher’s guide is delivered either as a book, PDF or as notes in a presentation. The guide allows teachers to teach students in a standardised manner.

Online Videos

Videos are highly consumed over the Internet today. Considering the latest trends in learning and being an e learning development company, we provide videos that support our content for K-12, higher education and technology-based books. Our videos vary based on your requirement. They can be simple text and image animations, highly visual animations, character animations or a mix of these. Our videos can be easily uploaded to an LMS, website or app. Our instructional designers creatively draft the video script to make the videos interesting and fun!

Workbooks and Activity Sheets

While imparting information is important, it is equally important to apply the knowledge learnt. The best way to achieve this is through exercises and activities. These quickly help you recall and apply the knowledge learnt and thus retain it. We provide worksheets and activity sheets for all types of books developed. Our team designs different activities and exercises, which create curiosity and make learning fun.

Quizzes and Puzzles

We create quizzes and puzzle books to sharpen young and adult minds. While these can be developed as separate books, we also include them as a part of our workbooks and map them to the subject being taught.