Video Development Companies in London, UK

With the advancement of technology, the traditional mode of imparting knowledge is not enough anymore. Interactive videos are the latest trend for learning and development. The traditional textbook is now being converted into multiple short videos for most learning solutions. Video is the most versatile form of learning and is known to attract learners’ attention easily. It makes the learning journey easier by helping participants visualise what is being discussed.

While videos are the most desired form of content, developing them requires specialized skills to ensure that a customized pedagogy is applied, interesting scripts and storyboards are developed, and finally, attractive characters and illustrations are used to entice learners. Thus, it is best to empanel trusted video development companies like Stylus Solutions to develop effective videos.

While our team of graphic artists, designers, instructional designers and animators work together towards developing videos, they ensure to include appealing characters, enticing animations and visually-pleasing graphics that enhance the teaching and learning experience in larger learning environments. We also create simulation videos that consist of a virtual environment that closely resembles the real environment, thus encouraging participants to be more confident when they perform processes in reality.

We at Stylus, as a video development companies, create interactive videos for students, teachers, educational institutions and corporates. While our creative team follows a structured layout, design or theme for these videos, we also tailor-make or customise them to suit the needs of our clients as well as the target audience.

What sets us apart from other video development companies are our processes and checklists which are developed based on our vast experience. Once the script/base content for the course is ready, our instructional designers create a template using PowerPoint and elaborate each action or step and visualise it creatively keeping the target audience in mind. Our instructional designers work in collaboration with our graphic designers to develop attractive and interactive videos while also providing elaborate and detailed animation or visualisation instructions.

Once the script/base content for the course is ready, our instructional designers work in collaboration with our graphic designers to develop attractive and interactive videos for your audience.

We develop the following type of videos:

  • Motion graphic videos: These videos contain text, images, charts, symbols and animation to convey a message in an engaging way. These videos can be developed quickly and are also cost effective. These are mostly used when you have to create multiple videos for educational or organisational purposes.
  • Basic Animation Videos: They include characters and scenes and there is basic animation around the characters, such as head, lip, eye and hand movements. These can be used to convey a story with minimal character animation.
  • Character Animation Videos: They include characters and background scenes which keep changing or moving to tell a story. The output is similar to animation movies. In these videos, our team of graphic designers and animators usually create an original and customized character as required by the client. These videos include more movements such as running, walking, jumping, sitting and standing, among others.
  • Screen-Capture Videos: These capture step-by-step procedures or how-to processes that are performed on a computer screen. These videos can also include a simulated environment, where the user may be required to perform the steps on a computer screen. A virtual environment that imitates the real environment is often created to simplify a learner’s learning process.
  • Whiteboard Videos: In these videos, sketches and illustrations appear in quick succession on a screen to tell a story. Usually, they involve illustrations as though they were drawn on a piece of paper and appear on screen.
  • Explainer Videos: These are short videos and are commonly used to market a product or a service. They explain the key features of the product or service and end with a call-to-action. These videos are short in duration and are known to grab the attention of the audience.