Education should not be limited to a city, state or country because of differences in languages or lifestyle. At Stylus, we cater to requirements regarding translation irrespective of the language required. Our translation experts are spread across the world and provide their expert services to weave content into linguistic art. We create e-learning content development solutions in all languages, accents and dialects.

While our translation experts convert the content into different languages, our localisation team curates the content and images to be culture-friendly for specific regions. We create content to suit our clients’ global markets as well as our target audience’s needs.

E-learning solutions are more widely accepted when they are available in a region’s native language. This also includes adding a touch of the culture of a particular region so that the target audience or learners can connect and relate. Most organisations and institutions are now making use of videos as an effective means of imparting education. These videos can either be translated into varied languages in order to tap into international markets or they can include subtitles that will be helpful to learners.

As a result, we can deliver e-learning courses in different languages. We bridge language barriers to ensure a complete and close-to-home learning experience.

Some of our translation and localisation services include:

elearning content development