Face-to-face sessions seem boring and online courses are too much to handle? Try combining the two to create a blended learning experience.

Blended learning includes a good mix of traditional classroom learning along with the rest being covered through an e-learning solution. Stylus offers blended learning solutions as part of its online course development programme.

While digital learning is the need of the hour, the importance of classroom learning should not be underestimated. Both these learning methods can be brought in together through a blended approach which will introduce the digital transition at the learners’ pace and comfort zone.

Stylus provides blended learning solutions by preparing a mix of deliverables which include:

  • E-learning modules
  • Activity-based classroom events
  • Learning outcomes
  • Review modules
  • Digital assessments

This creates a learner-centric environment that helps to bring out the best learning outcomes, boosts student-teacher interaction, increases opportunities for experimental learning and engages students in continuous learning.

Our team also develops and designs content for professional development and training programs to engage employees, help them understand processes and standards, which creates a positive impact on the organisation’s revenue.

If you want to upgrade your learning solution, Stylus is the answer to all your e-learning content development needs.