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To help learners enjoy their learning journey, a learner guide is significant. Whether it is an Instructor-Led Training (ILT) or a Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) program, a learner guide also known as a participant or student guide contains all the relevant subject matter for a learner’s reference in simple and comprehensible terms. We at Stylus, a learning and development consultancy, develop learner guides with the help of our proficient team of content writers who carefully plan the course’s syllabus.

A learner guide is the main reference material for an ILT program. It contains all the details that help you to strengthen your knowledge regarding the topic. Our writers are extremely talented and choose their set of words wisely when creating learner guides. To simplify complex concepts, our writers use simple analogies so that the learners can comprehend the topic. Our writers work in sync with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who guide them to cover all the objectives and elaborate the outline efficiently. Our guides also include short exercises or assessments between topics to check the level of a learner’s understanding

We understand that reading too much text can be daunting and thus, ensure that the text is well-complimented with meaningful and supportive images and infographics. When we create training materials, we keep our content simple, graphical, and easy to read and understand. At the beginning of each chapter, our learner guides feature learning objectives that inform the readers about the contents of the chapter. Our writers thoroughly research the topics to be covered and then begin writing the content for each chapter once the Table of Contents (TOC) is approved. Our team of experienced SMEs verify the technical aspects of the content and guide the writers to cover all the crucial concepts. A quick summary of important points is provided at the end of a chapter to allow the learner to quickly recollect what has been discussed. Once the content is ready, our editors review the content for language and grammar.

Learner guides are usually created along with faculty guides, presentations, participant handouts, assessments, videos and activity sheets to provide a complete training kit. These guides can be distributed as hardcopies to the learners in class or could also be uploaded onto a Learning Management System (LMS) for quick access. Though learner guides are created for learners, they can also be used by facilitators to make the classroom experience more interesting.

Our learner guides include:

  • Table of Contents
  • Objectives
  • Learning outcomes
  • Textual details of the topics
  • Infographics, graphs and illustrations
  • Notes and tips

We create training materials that ensure a good retention rate and also ensure that learners enjoy their learning journey. While developing these guides, our writers confirm that each topic of the training program is well covered along with tips and tricks for each section. Our SMEs and writers also add activities, exercises, discussions, assessments, etc. to each chapter, to make it interesting and engaging for the learners. All our guides are unique, 100% free of plagiarism and are updated with the latest examples and trends.

These guides are vital in helping learners understand each topic in detail and we at Stylus, ensure that all the required information is covered without it seeming burdensome to the learner. Our team of instructional designers also ensure to implement group activities, discussions and role play, which enrich the learner’s soft skills, such as communication, negotiation, decision-making, etc. We create training materials for corporates and training institutes. To create a complete and mixed bag of training material, connect with us now.