Empower your imagination with videos - Online Course Development

Videos are an effective way to beat the monotony and encourage learning. A video makes it easier for learners to visualise and grasp while watching and listening simultaneously and is easier to recall. As part of online course development, we at Stylus understand that an audio-visual medium of learning is known to complement the traditional setting. Conveying the online course development content through a video will enable the learners to grasp the subject quicker. The way in which the content is presented through a video will effectively convey the desired message.

Videos help to boost your thinking process and cement your imagination. While books are a great source of learning, supplementing them with videos can help relate to the theory and add to the learning experience. At Stylus, we develop videos for all subjects and grades based on the curriculum. They help teachers to break down and explain a complex concept more easily and quickly.

During online course development, especially in videos, we take into consideration the target audience in addition to the instructions relayed by the client. These learner-centric videos are developed keeping in mind the course objectives, learning outcomes, skill levels and overall long term goals. Videos assist facilitators and instructors to dissect a chapter or module more creatively and in an effective manner.

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When catering to the K-12 learners, we make use of more colourful layouts, attractive animation and a visually appealing choice of colours. For higher education learners, we include more statistics, infographics, graphs and charts to make it easier on the learners to absorb the content and apply it in their daily lives. As a crucial part of videos, audio or music can make an equal impact. The chosen music should appeal to the audience and be gripping. If voice over is to be used, the artist should be chosen after a lot of thought as his or her accent or dialect should not be a hindrance to the audience. If they fail to understand, they may choose not to watch it at all. All in all, language too should be easy to comprehend and the usage of jargons should be avoided so that it is simple enough for all learner’s to understand.

We develop videos as a complement to educational courseware for kindergarten, higher education and ICT content development. These videos can be used to teach in a classroom along with the textbook or to teach online and reach a broader audience.

We create character animation videos, motion graphic videos and screen capture videos based on your courseware needs and budget.

Motion graphic videos

A combination of text, images, sound, motion and animation are all part of motion graphic videos. A good level of visualisation can make this an efficient platform for conveying an important message. These are effective when multiple videos need to be created within a limited time frame and budget. These videos are commonly seen in the field of education where numerous videos are required for various grades and subjects.

Basic animation videos

Movements in these videos include hand, eye, head and lip movement to narrate a story. These are often seen in nursery rhymes and stories for children. Due to the limitations on the movement, these videos are cost-effective even if they have a character delivering a message.

Simulation videos

Simulation videos are ideal for any procedure that needs step-by-step instructions. Simulation helps create a virtual environment that imitates the real environment. This enables a learner to perform these steps multiple times before actually attempting it in the real world. These videos also contain screen capture to provide guidance in procedures that need to be performed exactly.

Character animation videos

These videos are similar to basic animation only with more complex movements such as running, jumping, standing and sitting. Due to addition of these detailed movements, the budget and timeline for this particular form of video needs to be flexible. These are commonly seen in the entertainment industry and also by a few marketing professionals.