Learning can be made fun!

As a learning and development consultancy, we consider puzzles as amazing learning and assessment tools that encourage children to think and learn. Quizzes and puzzles can also be used to evaluate learning. These informal assessments test a learner’s level of understanding regarding the course, observe the progress and address any knowledge gaps.

Stylus creates quizzes and puzzles for all grades using unique presentation styles and interesting stories. Our designing team creates attractive layouts for puzzles and our content writers develop scenario-based quizzes that are age-appropriate.

We develop quizzes offline as well as online that can be accessed on computers, tabs and smartphones. Quizzes can be given to students as a test to help them prepare for examinations. Our quizzes and puzzles benefit learners in the development of social skills, hand-eye coordination, colour and shape recognition, motor skills, etc.

Some puzzles created by us include:

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