E-learning Content Provider

We create delightful experiences for our customers!

custom e learning development is provided by many organizations, but what sets us apart is that we work with each client as our business partner, suggesting to them the best solutions to meet their business objectives and budget.

What’s In It for You?

We provide custom e learning development solutions that boost performance and thus sales. Our team of instructional designers, visualizers and developers implement the modern principles of learning while developing custom e-learning solutions.

  • Our courses speak about industry-specific scenarios to ensure that the learners can quickly relate to the topic and also complement the content with interesting gamification to maintain the learner’s interest.
  • We also leverage our modules by including interesting visuals and graphics to help the learners quickly grasp the content being taught.
  • We ensure that the learning content is made interactive through the use of different media elements, such as videos, animation, clickable elements, etc.
  • Another great feature that we incorporate in our e-learning solutions for learning reinforcement is simulations. Here we create a virtual environment for the learners to perform processes and procedures, such as treating a patient or performing a process on the computer screen. We provide three types of simulations:
    • Show Me: Here the learners are shown how to perform a process or procedure.
    • Try Me: Here the learners are guided to perform the process or procedure.
    • Test Me: Here the learners are required to independently perform the process or procedure.

Who Should Contact Us For custom e learning development?

Want to convert your existing content into e-learning modules or want to develop e-learning modules with new content?

We help in custom e learning development for your printed content, PDFs, PPTs, etc., and also create fresh content based on in-depth research to create new e-learning content. Based on our vast experience, our team is prompt to suggest new ideas and learning strategies to create bespoke e-learning solutions.

Our custom e learning development solutions ensure that your workforce has access to the best training programs irrespective of whether they are sitting in the next room or another part of the world. These modules can be developed for organisations across any industry, such as Retail, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Automobile, Transport, Education, Finance, Healthcare, Hospitality, etc. Also, custom e learning developmentsolutions can be developed for any functionality and areas, such as operations, sales, product details, compliance, technical training, induction, company values, etc.

So irrespective of which industry you belong to or for what role you want custom e learning development solutions, you can reach out to us for all your training needs.

Tools We Use

Articulate Storyline 360: Used to develop highly interactive and animated e-learning modules.

Adobe Captivate: Used to create videos that record a computer screen to show a process. Can also be used to develop interactive and animated e-learning modules.

iSpring Suite: It is a PowerPoint-based authoring tool that can be used to develop interactive and animated e-learning modules.

Animaker: Used to develop quick and highly animated videos. Can also be used to develop character animation videos.

Key Features

Flexible: We provide custom e learning development solutions that can be accessed at any time from any device. Our solutions are compatible across devices, such as computers, tablets and mobile devices and can also be accessed across different operating systems. The learners have the flexibility to go through the courses at a time, day and location that suits them best.

Higher Retention Rate: Our e-learning courses are highly engaging, relatable and visual, thus ensuring a higher retention rate.

Reliable: We believe that trust is the foundation of any association, and you can be most assured of our team’s professionalism, ethics, honesty, timely deliveries and exceptional quality. You can rely on the courses we develop to be original and target oriented. We take complete ownership of what we deliver.

Motivational: Learning happens at its best when the learner is inspired to learn. We ensure to list down the objectives of the course and the importance and practical application of what is being taught. We also ask thought-provoking questions and present real-life scenarios to encourage learners to know more.

Measurable: It is important to know the progress of learners to track their understanding of a subject. Our courses have knowledge checks which provide the score at the end. This provides a clear idea of the progress of each learner.

Best Practices We Follow

  • Using Learning Objectives
  • Following Checklist
  • Implementing Instructional Designing Models (Blooms Taxonomy, ADDIE Model, Gagne's Nine Events of Instructions)
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Agile Project Management