Elearning Solutions London, United Kingdom

With the increase in technology, learning has also soared beyond its capacity. Elearning solutions London offers various advantages to learners and organisations.

Today, adults and children spend more time learning through online classes and sessions. While delivering elearning solutions London, we also provide multiple online deliverables to ensure a complete learning experience.

elearning solutions london
Customised e-learning Modules

Customised e-learning modules allow you to deliver learning content in an interactive manner that includes pop-ups, tabs, clickable buttons, drag-and-drop activities and more. These modules can also be made fun by adding gamification to make the learning process exciting. In addition, you can include simulations to your module that provide an environment similar to the real-time world, where learners can practice a process or method. Based on the features required, we deliver e-learning modules for Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 and Level 4.

Online Presentations

These are quick to develop and present data graphically. Presentations are generally used to recall important points or provide additional information. Here content is provided in a short bullet format, infographic format or through the use of illustrations and labels. We can also add animations to your presentations to make them more interesting and help the learner focus on one piece of content at a time.

Interactive Videos

While e-learning modules need user interaction to proceed and provide more informative content, videos are a great way to explain a concept through a story, thus increasing the retention rate. While no or minimal user interaction is required for a video to proceed, the animations and scripts are interesting enough to keep the learners engaged. Videos are also great to show a process that needs to be followed. Videos can be incorporated into an e-learning module or can be used as a stand-alone deliverable in your learning package.

Online PDFs

While animations and interactivities are a great way to keep the learners engaged, many prefer reading detailed text to retain information. PDFs are created to provide detailed content on the topic at hand. PDFs can also contain summaries, physical activities to be performed or experiments. We can also create interactive PDFs that include hyperlinks, videos, voice-overs, etc.

Micro Learning

Tiny bits of information are easy to grasp and retain. Thus, micro learning forms an important part of a learning package. All the important concepts and notes can be delivered through different forms of micro learning options, such as videos, images, infographics, pocket notes, etc. These are especially useful when you need to attempt an exam as they help you recall the important notes quickly. Micro learning can also be used while travelling, where you may have little time to learn a topic. While these bits of information are very helpful, they cannot provide a complete, detailed learning experience, and need to be a part of a larger educational package.

Translation and localisation

The Internet has made it easy to access educational material across countries. Thus, the need to translate and localise your content, so that people can access your learning materials without any language barrier. We have translators from different countries and states to translate content without missing out on the context. We also have localisation experts who will edit your content to customise it according to different cultures and regions.

Blended learning

Blended learning is a mix of classroom training and online training – thus providing you with the best of both worlds. This allows you to interact with a faculty and hold discussions with peers and perform group activities, while also allowing you to learn online at your own pace and through different media. Today, blended learning is one of the most commonly used methods of teaching. Stylus develops ILT materials and also develops e-learning courses, thus providing you with the perfect blend of learning.

Mobile learning

Everyone is tuned into their smartphones for every single need – be it ordering groceries, watching movies, banking, office work, etc. Thus, learning too is going mobile. Most of the e-learning courses, videos and similar online content are being developed keeping in mind that the learners will be accessing this content on their mobile phones.