Elearning Content Development Company in UK

With digital options on the rise, the world is moving towards a virtual transition. This has led to most people spending the maximum amount of their free time on handheld devices. To use this current situation to our full ability, Stylus creates microlearning solutions for learners who cannot sit through long hours of training sessions.

Microlearning includes short bursts of content in the form of text, infographics, GIFs, memes short videos and the like. It is easy to capture an audience’s attention using microlearning. Short messages are easy to read, quick to share and easy to absorb. Stylus uses microlearning to convey bite-sized information that is interesting and equally engaging. Today, elearning content development includes microlearning content in their array of other online learning solutions, such as e-learning modules, presentations, e-books, etc.

Stylus captures the learners’ attention by creating various forms of microlearning content in the form of:

Today, children have multiple options for everything, making it easy to switch attention from one to another. This has resulted in a general drop of attention span all over the world. Understanding the situation, we develop our content so that we can deliver the message in the shortest and quickest form possible. Microlearning is an effective way to reach out to your audience and convey the desired message. This solution usually includes less wordy content, however, it is engaging and enticing.

Today, lack of time is a cause for concern for most people. Learners who balance work while pursuing their further education struggle to keep up and this is where microlearning plays a significant role. Organisations that wish to upskill their employees are now making the switch to microlearning as it has proven beneficial to employees.

Our microlearning modules are known to bridge the gap between the increasing learning requirements and keeping the audience engaged. Though there is an upward trend of short form content, long form content cannot be overlooked. Detailed elearning content development is still essential to ensure the details are available to the learner. Microlearning can be used to re-enforce a key point or to entice a learner to take up a detailed online module. We, at Stylus ensure that there is a balance maintained between short and long form content.

At Stylus, our team is experienced in creating simple yet relevant content in various formats and subjects while relying on your learning objectives. Through microlearning, we aim to gain the audience’s attention and deliver our message effectively.

At Stylus, our writers, designers and developers are very well experienced in creating content that is self-explanatory, interesting and informative. We deliver small bits of information to make learning a habit, rather than a tedious task. This is especially useful to learners who cannot attend long classes or training sessions as it helps them focus on one task at a time. While we offer services for long form of content ranging from 15 minutes to an hour, we also customise short form content based on the needs of our clients. For microlearning content, the format is fairly different than the one used in creating e-learning modules. While creating these microlearning solutions, our team also looks into the compatibility of these courses with various handheld devices to ensure accessibility across devices.

While microlearning can be seen as an independent element, however, it can also be considered as a part of a larger elearning content development solution.