E-learning Video Creation

As a part of our online course development services, we offer custom e-learning development and video development. We believe that videos are an important part of learning as they instantly engage the learner’s mind.

Our Reach

We cater to clients across the globe and provide customised solutions based on your location and needs. As a renowned in video development companies in United Kindom e-learning provider we cater to businesses of all sizes; be it small businesses or large MNCs.

We are one of the top video development companies in the United Kingdom and provide services across all sectors and roles.


Your Take-away

Being one of the best video development companies in the United Kingdom, we assure delivery of innovative, creative and eye-catchy content for the videos.

What you can expect from us?

  • Quality : We take pride in delivering delightful experiences. You no longer need to worry about feedback not being implemented or requirements not being understood. We are quick to understand your needs and deliver as promised or more.
  • Different options to suit your budget : Be it e-learning or videos or any other online content, we have an array of options to provide you with solutions that best suit your needs, budget and TATs.
  • Proactive suggestions : Our team has always been complimented for providing proactive suggestions that exceed client expectations.
  • Timely delivery : We understand that quality, cost and timelines are the key ingredients of any corporate project. While ensuring one, we ensure that the other two are not compromised.
  • Clear communications : Open and transparent lines of communication provide clarity and make it easy to track the progress of a project. We keep our communications simple within the team and with clients. Providing weekly progress reports, sharing emails for feedback implementation and engaging over calls when required, ensures that the client is updated from time to time regarding every stage of the project.
  • Honesty and dedication : Our team is professional in approach and maintains integrity at work. We are dedicated to delivering quality and meeting timelines as committed to the client.

How It Works

We believe in simplicity at every level. Keeping processes simple ensures quality and timely delivery.

Our online development process consists of five simple stages:

  • Analysis : Here, we will identify the content for which the online content needs to be developed and suggest the best mode of delivery. The total duration, type of output and costs are analysed and confirmed.
  • Storyboarding : Based on the content identified to be converted online, we will create a voice-over script document or a design document. Based on the approved script or design document, the storyboard will be developed.
  • Development : The development team will integrate the text, graphics, voice and animation as per the approved storyboard. The developed product will be reviewed and shared with the client.
  • Alpha Delivery (First Draft) : The client will review the Alpha delivery against the finalised storyboard and suggest any changes required.
  • Gold Delivery (Final Draft) : After receiving the review comments from the client, our team will make the required changes and carry out the necessary internal quality checks. The final output will be delivered to the client for sign-off.