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Digitisation has made online course development the need of the hour. Be it K-12 content development or content for adults, no longer do learners read a book or browse through boring presentations filled with text or simple images. Today’s generation needs more interactive content to retain information. Since everything today is fast-moving, people’s attention span has drastically reduced.

What We Offer As a Online Course Development Company

Though online is the latest trend, being a learning and development consultancy, we understand that only providing online content is not good enough. While everyone is jumping into the online wagon, personal training and group activities are still important. Thus, we consider blended learning (online plus classroom-based) as the best option for a complete learning experience.

Being an elearning development company, we cater to our audience and provide content that is not only engaging but also versatile in presentation thus keeping their attention. As a online course development company and learning and development consultancy, we offer the following services:

  • Textbook Content : We create textbook content for all subjects and grades along with attractive illustrations and interesting page layouts.
  • Teachers Guide : These provide a suggestive roadmap on how to teach the learners. A professional, pedagogical approach is identified along with activities and probing questions to standardise the learning experience.
  • Answer Keys : These provide correct answers to the questions in the textbook. This allows the learners to assess themselves and also provides teachers with a definite correct answer.
  • Question Banks : They contain questions that are frequently asked in examinations. Different types of questions are covered along with marks.
  • Lesson Plans : They provide a day-wise break-up of what content needs to be taught. It also provides a professional, pedagogical approach along with activities and probing questions.
  • Reference Material : Links to additional online sources are suggested for different topics. In addition, books that provide details of the topic at hand are also suggested as good reads.
  • E-learning Solutions : These include online learning resources that augment the classroom learning experience and also provide room for self-paced learning.
  • Online Videos : They are used to provide visual details on a topic and extensively help in improving the learning experience through better retention of content.
  • Micro-content : These are small bits of information ranging from 10-30 second videos to infographic images. They provide quick and important information and are a student’s best friend during the examination days.
  • Captivating Presentations : These supplement the textbook content and allow teachers to engross the learners with the help of visuals.
  • Activities : The best way to learn something is to engage in an activity that maps with the topic being taught. Activities can be performed individually or in groups.
  • Engaging Assessments : Learning is incomplete without assessing the learner’s progress. We develop assessments that include objective and subjective questions and probe the learner to think and apply the concepts to arrive at the correct answer.

Our Values

Great things are done by a series of small things brought together. Content + Illustrations + Layout + Editing + Proofreading = The Perfect Book Storyboarding + Voice Script + Integration + Customisation + QA = Spot-on E-learning / Video Solutions For each of these small tasks, we have a specialist! Come, meet our team.

Content Developers:

They research, analyse and brainstorm to create original and experiential content. They list and align objectives with the content, activities and assessments to ensure a holistic learning experience.

Instructional Designers (ID)

From curating the content to managing the flow, suggesting the perfect pedagogical approach and coordinating with the stakeholders, our IDs do it all. They are excited to share ideas and design delightful learning experiences by suggesting different modes of learning.


They scrutinise the content for any technical discrepancies or errors. Based on their hands-on industry experience, they are also great at suggesting real-time scenarios and examples that add value to the content.


From checking for clarity to ensuring correct grammar, checking the flow of content, ensuring standardisation in writing styles and re-writing for simplicity – they play multiple roles in quality checking.


They bring the content to life by developing and designing attractive books and online courses. From selecting the perfect colour combinations to visualising the best layout for content to creating mascots and infographics; they are quick to suggest what’s best to engross the learner.

Voice Artists

Our ensemble of voice artists provides the extra edge to your online learning courses. You can select the artist that best represents your content. While ensuring clarity in speech, they also ensure emphasis is provided on the required terms or sentences for an impactful overall experience.

Quality Assurance Executives

They hold the reigns of the final quality check – ensuring correct alignment, coverage of all the content, implementation of suggestions, correct syncing of voice with the content, and testing for functionality – they provide the final sign-off from our end.