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“Content is no longer an add-on activity; it is a key element of every business.” – Delnaz Edulji (Managing Director & CEO, Stylus Solutions Pvt. Ltd.)

Are you looking at expanding your resources of content or updating your existing content to be clear, simple and inspiring?

As a learning and development consultancy, Stylus Solutions Pvt. Ltd. provides a range of services that include k-12 content development, Instructor-Led Training (ILTs) and e-learning training material development, educational videos development, ICT content development and curating content to make it error-free through editing and proofreading. Stylus also provide graphics services where we perform typesetting for your content and develop customised illustrations to add colour to the content. We ensure that our content has the right balance of text, images and animations to grab the learner’s attention and ensure retention.

Our team includes experienced writers, educators, SMEs, instructional designers, graphic designers, animators, editors and proofreaders among others. We develop customised content that is 100% original. In addition, we create a clear strategy to focus on services that will add value to your business needs. Our e-learning modules provide new-age coaching for learners to upgrade their learning skills and abilities. Our instructional designers develop and visualise content according to the needs of the learner using appropriate strategies and technologies to accelerate the transfer of knowledge.

We at Stylus, develop well-planned learning objectives and cover in-depth content to aid learners in better understanding the key areas of focus within a topic. Once the learning objectives are defined, our writers work in sync with our SMEs to ensure that every topic is elaborate and well- covered. This helps in breaking down complex concepts and making a learner’s journey simple.

We understand that each learner learns differently. While one may prefer reading detailed text, other learn better through visualised graphics, while others may prefer hands-on activities to grasp and retain a concept. Thus, being a learning and development consultancy, we provide a mix of different types of learning materials, such as student guides, faculty guides, assessment sheets, worksheets, presentations, activity plans, etc. to fulfil your learning requirements.

Our Story

Since 2009, Stylus has been providing content writing services to its clients globally. While we started as purely a content writing company only, by 2014 we expanded our team to include typesetting experts and graphic designers. This allowed us to complement our content with images and designs to provide print-ready books for publication houses.

With increasing demand from clients, by 2015 we eventually broadened the team to include animators and integrators. Thus, we started delivering online support along with books to publication houses and also started developing e-learning modules and videos for corporate training. Today, we develop e-learning modules, training materials and educational courseware, in addition to content writing, translation and localisation, microlearning, mobile learning solutions, blended learning modules and interactive videos.

While our team is constantly expanding, we also maintain a steady team of freelancers and vendors who provide us with specialised services or any additional support required to add value to a project.

What Makes Us Unique?

Stylus is a well-established organisation that has been in the market for over 13 years gathering experience and implementing different ideas and strategies to have a long list of happy clients. Over the years, Stylus has delivered more than 250 school books for various publications from kindergarten to grade 10 along with teacher’s guides, lesson plans workbooks, activity sheets, worksheets, videos and presentations. We have also developed more than 350 hours of e-learning content for different domains in the corporate sector. We have also successfully developed more than 1000 hours of training material inclusive of learner guides, facilitator guides, presentations, assessments and activity sheets and participant handouts among others.

We, at Stylus, research and gather valuable ideas and facts and put them into writing while also adding value through the vast experience of knowledge that our SMEs carry. We wisely choose words according to the requirements of the clients, learners, and readers. If you are searching for content relevant to e-learning solutions or to create training materials or educational courseware, we are among the best e-learning content development companies in the UK with a team of hand-picked content writers, creative instructional designers, educators, talented graphic designers, skilled integrators and enthusiastic developers.

Stylus is a continuously growing organisation that does not shy away from exploring different opportunities. Connect with us now!

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