Test what you’ve learned!

Assessments and activity sheets are assessment tools that are important in learning, be it school, college, higher education or on-the-job training. These tools are used to assess how much a learner has managed to grasp and which areas require improvement. At Stylus, while catering to training development we create effective, purposeful and reliable assessments for learners with the help of our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). Our assessment sheets can be both objective and subjective in nature:

Assessments help assess a learner’s creativity, problem-solving skills and overall qualitative performance. We create assessments and activities that also contain scenario-based questions and quizzes. These encourage learners to think and recall whatever they had learned earlier. A well-developed assessment can encourage learning and measure performance.

We also develop activity sheets for both group learners in a classroom setting or individuals who prefer to learn remotely. Some activities for learners include creating presentations, group discussions, role-play, debates, research and sharing their findings. These activities can be performed individually or in a group to help students break down complex concepts and gauge their learning outcomes.

At Stylus, we create training materials keeping in mind the long terms goals that a learner would like to establish!