One guide for standardising teaching pedagogies!

While learner guides provide all the details required about a topic, another key factor that impacts the learning is the pedagogy used in a classroom. This can greatly impact the overall experience of a learner and thus the results. Stylus ensures that while focusing on learning development, we provide a roadmap for the trainers to keep their classes attuned.

At Stylus, we create faculty guides/facilitator’s guides/teacher’s guides that suggests the methods that can be used for teaching different topics of a course. It consists of step-by-step instructions and resources as suggestions to facilitators conduct classes so that learners are constantly engaged and involved in the learning. The purpose of a faculty guide is to standardize the teaching methodology across. Whether it is a subject teacher or a substitute teacher, a faculty guide acts as a tracker to recall what was previously covered and carry it forward from there.

Our faculty guides are known to:

To keep up with the constantly changing and upgrading curriculum, we at Stylus, create training materials that will be beneficial to both learners as well as trainers in the learning process.