Unfolding the teaching methodology.

While it is true that every teacher brings to the class their own unique teaching techniques and methods, having a teacher’s guide that provides a tried and tested pedagogy is always helpful. A teacher’s guide delineates the most well-suited strategy or pedagogy for a course and assists teachers in implementing it for the benefit of the students. These guides are also known as faculty guides or facilitator’s guides.

As part of course development, Stylus constructs helpful teacher’s guides, which essentially function as simple and resourceful handbooks for teachers. By outlining a standard teaching methodology for a particular course, these guides help to establish a predetermined pedagogy to be followed by all facilitators. This ensures that no matter who is in charge of the class, be it a regular teacher or a substitute, the learners do not lose the benefit of the course’s full potential.

Our teacher’s guides also steer teachers towards conducting numerous beneficial activities, exercises, games, quizzes, and more to keep participants engaged. A teacher’s guide generally comprises

The team at Stylus ensures that the teacher’s guides complement the course’s curriculum and help instructors enhance the student’s overall learning experience. Furthermore, they support teachers in managing the classroom efficiently while imparting knowledge.

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