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Polish up your training program with reliable and nifty participant handouts.

We create training materials of which participant handouts are hard copies of training material distributed among the participants at either the initial phase of the program or at the advanced stage. These act as supporting documents for the learning development program, and can be utilized either in the course of the training session or as follow-up materials for recalling and retaining information.

At Stylus, our proficient instructional designers and content writers take into consideration all the elements of the course and develop handouts that complement it and enrich a participant’s learning experience. The handouts also provide learners with sufficient space to record their thoughts, observations, and insights acquired during a training session. This allows participants to quickly go through the content and recall what they have learned at any time.

The handouts created by Stylus include:

content development

These participant handouts provide a framework of the program to the learners, encourage them to take notes during their training sessions, allow them to keep a track of what they have learned, and offer easy access to a brief version of the course’s content for future reference.