Elearning Companies in UAE

Merely reading content off the screen might get monotonous, which is why we create interactive videos for learners to participate while they learn!

Videos are one of the most versatile forms of media, which can be used for a wide range of purposes, such as entertainment, advertisement, and education. At Stylus, we have a team of instructional designers, animators, and graphic artists who create strategically planned videos for your learning needs. Having a complete team at our disposal in one place makes us one of the leading elearning companies in UAE. Each department works closely with the other to develop an engaging video based on your requirements.

Our team of experts can develop quick, under-a-minute videos for your marketing needs. This helps to quickly engross your target audience and get your point across in a short and interesting manner. We also have a team of educational experts who can develop large amounts of educational videos for schools, management students and corporates.

While there are many different types of videos that can be developed to suit your needs, the key to selecting an effective type depends on your budget, timeline and target audience. We develop different types of marketing videos, online course development videos, corporate videos and educational videos based on your requirement and budget.

Motion Graphic Videos:

Motion graphic videos are a confluence of sound, text, images, motion, and animation. These are quick to develop and are most cost-effective. They also help you get your point across to the audience easily. They can be used to develop content for large amounts of educational videos or convey organizational processes and policies.

Screen-Capture Videos:

In these videos, a particular screen or window is displayed, and the actions performed on this screen are recorded and displayed in the video. With the help of such videos, you can give step-by-step instructions with ease and clarity. These videos can also include a simulated environment, where the user is required to perform the steps on the computer screen in the video.

Whiteboard Videos:

Whiteboard videos are animated videos that present text, images, and movement on a background that resembles a school whiteboard. These usually involve the illustrations being drawn (like on paper) one by one on the screen to tell a story.

Basic Animation Videos:

These include characters with basic movements like head, lip, eye and hand movements. These are generally used to convey a story. They can be used to develop marketing videos or convey a specific message to the user. While these videos involve movements in the characters, the movements are restricted, thus providing a cost-effective way to develop character animation videos.

Character Animation Videos:

Our skilled creative team creates original and unique characters specifically for you, which are then animated by our in-house animators. These videos are similar to animated movies. These are usually used to create advertisements and movies.

Explainer Videos:

These types of videos are used to explain a particular concept, product, or service in brief. They are generally short and concise videos intended for grabbing people’s attention and are usually followed by a call-to-action on the part of the viewer.

We have a team of content writers to write the story or content you wish to convey. This content is then used by our instructional designers to develop the storyboard along with the voice notes. Once the storyboard is finalized, it is then brought to life by our expert team of visualizers and animators who work closely with graphic designers. Each member of our team complements the other to develop an end product par excellence. If you are exploring elearning companies in UAE, connect with us for a product beyond your expectations.