At Stylus, we provide e-learning solutions, courseware development, content development, proofreading and editing, as well as graphic designing services under one roof so that you can have the best results with minimal overheads. Whether you are looking for training material content, K-12 content development, informational packets for your customers, study material for students, ICT content development or e-learning modules for your employees/students, Stylus is the ‘write’ answer for you!

Demand for content is inarguably present in most areas of business as well as education. However, the requirements of content can vary vastly and can be diverse in nature. When creating training materials, we write every word and create every design element keeping in mind the requirements of our clients as well as our target audience. Whether the project calls for clear and crisp language with a formal tone or embellished writing with fancy vocabulary, Stylus guarantees timely deliveries and plagiarism-free content tailored to your needs. Any content provided by us is customized according to the client as well as industry standards to ascertain that you are getting the best results.

We deliver the ‘Write’ Content!

Training Materials

content development


content development

K-12 Content Development

Our diverse team of skilled professionals includes instructional designers, copywriters, technical writers, editors, graphic designers, digital artists, integrators and animators. Our team is always willing to discuss any suggestions or issues at a moment’s notice, and any feedback provided is integrated into the product immediately.

Subsequently, Stylus Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is one of the most sought-after e-learning content development and training material development companies in the UAE. At Stylus, we ensure that the essence of your thoughts and requirements is captured in our products so that your voice is heard through our words.

A one-stop solution for all your content needs- writing, editing, instructional designing and graphic designing.

Implementation of internationally-recognized standards such as Microsoft Manual of Technical Publications (MSTP), Bloom's Taxonomy, ADDIE Model and Waterfall Model

Customized and original content is delivered after a thorough editing and reviewing process.

A team of experienced professionals is at your service to ensure timely delivery.


Since 2009, Stylus has been providing content development services to multiple clients across the globe. We have worked on various projects, such as developing more than 500 school books from kindergarten to grade 10 for multiple publication houses along with teacher’s guides, workbooks, worksheets, lesson plans and videos. We have also developed more than 1000 hours of e-learning content across multiple domains for corporates. We have also developed more than 1000 hours of training material including learner guide, faculty guide and presentations.

content development
content development

We have SMEs across various domains of experience who help us undertake different types of projects. Based on the large number of projects we have worked on, we follow a well-established estimation methodology that enables us to complete projects on time and with quality. Customization is our specialty and our pieces of content are known to be uniquely crafted with the help of our team of writers, instructional designers, editors and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). This is done to ensure that we provide unique as well as exclusive content to our clients, as per their requirements. We make use of well-defined templates customized as per each client’s requirements and a checklist to ensure quality.

We also ensure that our content is complemented with relative and interesting images and layouts. Our design team works closely with our writers and instructional designers to develop content and modules that are engaging and interesting. Our team of content writers, instructional designers, graphic designers, visualizers, animators work closely together to ensure that the final product is complete, compact and effective. Our team is open to receiving and implementing feedback effortlessly.

While communicating with our clients, we maintain a transparent relationship with them, keeping them updated about the progress at each stage of the project. Our team is also quick to make suggestions to exceed the client’s expectations. We pride ourselves for our consistency, timely deliveries and quality of work.

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