K-12 Content Development Company in UAE

Good books are the best tools for shaping the leaders of tomorrow.

Whether you are looking to develop syllabus-based educational books or advanced-level academic books, Stylus can be of service to you. We provide exceptional academic books for students ranging from kindergarten right up to professionals seeking to expand their knowledge base.

Stylus has developed over 150 courseware books for various ages spanning a number of subjects. Our content writers consult different subject matter experts (SMEs) as well as teachers and professors before scripting elaborate academic books in collaboration with our instructional designers. Furthermore, these books go through a thorough editing and reviewing process before they are approved for publication.

K-12 (Kindergarten to Grade 12)

At Stylus, we believe that educating the youth is a noble and vital pursuit. In view of this belief, we endeavor to produce premium K-12 content development for students, especially during their formative years. We design school books for all age groups ranging from kindergarten to the 12th grade, ensuring that the books created are accurate, compelling, and age-appropriate so that the students receive a holistic learning experience.

Our medley of talented writers, editors, and designers guarantee that the books we produce contain original and unrivaled educational content. We conduct extensive market research, analyzing the latest products available in the market, to ascertain that you are getting the best and latest content! We then take informed decisions for crafting knowledgeable books with the intention of shaping young minds for a better tomorrow.

It is our aim to engage and inspire students with stimulating ideas so as to instil a sense of curiosity within their youthful and impressionable minds. For this purpose, we include the following elements in our books:

These attention-grabbing elements keep younger students interested and allow them to grasp new concepts quickly. The complexity of the language, activities, and assessments included in the books increases gradually as we move to higher grades. As learners become more and more capable and proficient in different subjects, our books progress accordingly.

Higher Education

Let us make learning fun irrespective of age or level.

Preparing fun, engaging, and thought-provoking courseware books for working professionals is just as important as it is for young children. However, higher education studies generally present a lot of topics to be covered under one subject; which results in textbooks becoming tedious and information-heavy. Nevertheless, the team at Stylus does not allow quality to be compromised due to quantity.

Stylus is experienced in k 12 content development and has been developing educational books for higher studies in a number of key disciplines, such as business, administration, marketing, human resource, management, soft skills, arts, ICT, agriculture, leadership, customer service, etc. We offer high-quality academic books which are planned and put together based on the students’ requirements. Whether you are dealing with regular college students or distance learners, Stylus can provide the appropriate learning material for your needs.

Every book we devise is strategically designed and constructed keeping in mind the learning objectives and outcomes set for the course. We take the following factors into consideration while formulating the book’s manuscript:

All of our academic books contain learning objectives and outcomes, examples, case studies, illustrations, summaries, additional notes, tips & tricks, revision notes, a variety of tests and assessments, and much more. The different types of questions enable students to prepare for various examinations and entrance tests, which can help them advance in their chosen careers. In this way, we deliver a profitable mixture of theory and practical knowledge through our books.

Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

Modern-day technology has made it possible for us to communicate and exchange information globally at the touch of a button. The field of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is constantly evolving and producing innovative software, systems, and devices that can make all of our lives easier. Nevertheless, these continually updating and renewing technologies are not always easy for users to understand and implement.

At Stylus, our ICT content development books cover various topics, such as HTML, Java, Python, C++, Gaming, App Development, and many more. With these books, we aim to explain complex concepts using simple language. We describe difficult-to-grasp technical terms and topics in simple words with the help of graphics and illustrations.

These ICT books can be helpful for learners during practical use of the different technologies. We provide step-by-step instructions for performing different procedures, which are accompanied by screenshots of every step. These include solutions for various problems and errors as well, thus making the applications effortless to use.

The team at Stylus specializes in creating valuable and serviceable ICT books, which generally include:

k-12 content development

It is our goal to make technology accessible for anyone who wishes to make use of it. The writers at Stylus strive to make this happen by creating comprehensible and effective ICT books.