Add a dose of fun to your educational courseware!

Participating in activities such as quizzes and puzzles can help students relax and learn stress-free. Although they may be counted among recreational activities, they are, in fact, quite informative and stimulating for the brain. Consequently, they can be utilized to impart wisdom and education to the learners while also being used as an assessment tool.

At Stylus, we incorporate the course content of various topics to form exciting yet challenging quizzes and puzzles which can be used to test the students’ grasp of the topics.

At Stylus, we map the quizzes and puzzles according to the learning objectives of the course and aim to facilitate the retention of facts and figures as part of learning development. As young students are more likely to remember enjoyable experiences, these activities offer a worthwhile avenue for combining education with fun.

Stylus’s creative team designs various types of quizzes and puzzles for learners to enjoy. These puzzles are chosen according to the age of the students as well as the subject matter to be addressed. Some of the puzzles offered by us are delivered in the form of: