Create Training Materials in Dubai

We create training materials that enable participants to get the best results from your training program.

For a training program to be successful, it is important to engage your learners using different forms of content material. This can be a mix of online and physical materials. Each type of material serves a different purpose, such as providing detailed information, understanding the learner’s progress, engaging the learner through activities, explaining concepts through visual representation of content, etc. At Stylus, we create training materials that contain a mix of different deliveries. One of the key deliverables in a training program is the learner guide.

Learner guides, also known as participant guides or student guides, are instrumental to help learners make the most of their training program. These guides give in-depth information about the topic to be covered in a training session. These are key to the successful delivery of Instructor-Led Training (ILT) or Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) programs. Most often, as a learning and development consultancy, Stylus creates these guides as hard copies to refer to in a classroom but we also provide soft copies or PDFs that can be accessed over an LMS system or app.

While the faculty and learners can refer to the learner guide during the classroom session to be on the same page, learners can always refer to the learner guide later to read the details of any required topic. These can be used to revise topics at one’s own pace and time thus increasing the retention rate. These guides also contain several analogies to help break a complex concept into easy-to-understand content using examples, infographics and illustrations so that students can benefit from them. Our guides also include interesting elements, such as tips, notes, additional information, discussion points, etc. to keep them engaged.

At Stylus, we create training materials that include high-quality learner guides to complement your training programs. We include the following aspects pertaining to your training program in a learner guide:

  • Syllabus & curriculum
  • Course outline
  • Training objectives
  • Learning outcomes
  • Key points and detailed explanations

As a learning and development consultancy, Stylus creates learner guides which successfully chart the course of a training program and provides well-researched information about each topic. We begin by designing the syllabus keeping in mind the amount of content to be covered and the time period available for learning. Based on the syllabus, our writers identify the objectives for each topic. These are then explained in detail throughout the chapter. Our writers write the content by performing thorough research on each topic and also referring to other available books. They also consult with SMEs to ensure that relevant and updated information is included in the guides. In addition, our writers ensure to incorporate examples, important notes and tips while creating the content.

The team at Stylus also lucratively incorporates training strategies, such as activities, assessments, exercises, and more, into the guide. Our content writers are guided by Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), who ensure that the content you get is 100% accurate, unique and up-to-date. Our team of graphic designers complement the content with fun, relevant and informative illustrations and images. The guide is further corrected and reviewed by our language editors and reviewers. While developing our guides, we also encourage learners to improve their soft skills by including individual and group activities to improve communication, teamwork and similar other skills.

If you are looking for content partners to create training materials that are detailed, simple and put minimal pressure on the learners, connect with Stylus for an exceptional experience.