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Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it is what encourages students to learn. At Stylus, our learning development programs include exciting and challenging workbooks and activity sheets with the purpose of generating curiosity within learners. These creative workbooks and activity sheets are mapped according to the course, and its learning objectives, and act as useful companions to other courseware materials.

We are the best Content Writing Companies in Dubai, UAE. Our workbooks comprise a variety of tests and assessments which examine the students’ knowledge to measure their progress. We design comprehensive and exhaustive workbooks containing subjective as well as objective questions for all grades, thereby ensuring that the students are evaluated on all of the topics and areas covered under the syllabus. It is important to subject the learners to regular tests and assessments in order to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the students and identify the areas for improvement.

The activity sheets created by Stylus offer entertaining means for getting learners involved in facing different challenges and encouraging them to ask several questions. Students learn actively in this way by facing diverse situations head-on, asking questions, and figuring out the answers.

The activities for a particular course or grade are selected on the basis of the skills meant to be taught via that course. Let’s have a look at some of the key features included in our workbooks and activity sheets.

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Group discussions

Participating in a group stimulates a string of ideas from various members of the group. Each participant gets an opportunity to understand the perspective of a fellow student. Ideas are brainstormed and debated better in the form of group discussions. These sessions are very beneficial to students as it lets them understand how each participant thinks and perceives uniquely when compared to the others. It also helps build other interpersonal skills like teamwork, communication, cooperation, negotiation, etc.

Role play

Researching, learning and acting involves a lot of effort. Performing the role of someone else helps students understand the character that they are going to imitate. They pay attention to their character’s every little feature or detail and this automatically helps them understand what they’re supposed to learn. Role play is an interesting way for students to learn about personalities and events. It also encourages them to think of dialogues for their character and build a story.


Participation in debates gives all the participants as well as the rest of the audience the chance to observe and understand the depth of the topic at hand. The debate topics are selected keeping in mind the syllabus content. These debates encourage students to perform detailed research on the topic, thus gaining additional information that may not have been covered in class. It also creates a safe place to share different opinions and teaches children to listen to others and respect differences in opinions.


Quizzes are fun and yet a very powerful tool to stimulate the mind. It’s a great way to add fun to your learning. We incorporate quizzes that challenge the students and guide them toward the expected learning outcome. We try to include different types of quizzes to ensure variety.


Motivation to learn in the form of reinforcement will prove to be beneficial to the students in the long run. Learning with the help of winning some interesting prizes or perks will help each student compete against another in a positive spirit. This will also give students the confidence to answer independently along with a positive attitude to participate and win exciting prizes. Games also teach students to accept failure sportingly.

Brainstorming Sessions

Young minds are curious and supporting their curiosity with thought-provoking questions helps them analyze situations and make decisions. These can be simple scenario-based questions like what changes they would want to make in their country to prevent global warming. Generally, brainstorming questions have no right or wrong answers and are simply used to encourage young minds to present their own ideas. It helps them think outside the box and also helps them gain confidence while participating in the sessions.

Research Work

Whether individually or as a group, researching should be encouraged among students to build curiosity. Their research work’s results will be an addition to their study material. Also, researching helps to retain the information better. It is a good idea to encourage students to research at an early age. Helping one another and showing each other the way around will enable them to share ideas and concepts.

Creating Presentations

Presentations are an effective mode of learning. Teaching and learning with the help of visuals and audio has proven effective. Asking students to present in front of their peers helps them gain confidence not only when speaking about a topic at hand, but also in general. Creating presentations also encourages the children to visualize how to present the content and encourages them to research.