One manual to standardize the pedagogy!

Most training and learning development courses are designed to be taught in a certain way or using certain standard methods. Instructional designers often incorporate various types of activities, case studies, exercises, and other creative and interactive components in a training program to make it stimulating as well as effective. To take advantage of a course’s full potential, teachers or facilitators must be made familiar with all of these methods and activities.

At Stylus, we create training materials and prepare comprehensive faculty guides for training programs with the aim of standardizing the teaching methodology for each course. These faculty guides provide detailed instructions for facilitators suggesting alternative methods to go about conducting the training session. This helps them not just to address particularly difficult topics and explain complex concepts with ease but also recommends them to conduct various activities and exercises included in the course for participants.

We provide answers to the following questions in our faculty guides:

In this way, Stylus can help ensure that participants receive the best learning experience from the training program, irrespective of the facilitator in charge of the course. Stylus solutions is one of the best content development companies in UAE offers eLearning content development services includes online course development, create training materials, k-12 content development, elearning content development. For more details contact us now.