Reflect and judge your own performance!

It is important to analyze a participant’s understanding of a topic before they take part in a training program, as well as their progress after the course. In order to test their knowledge, we at Stylus create training materials and design suitable assessments and activity sheets relevant to the learning program to identify a learner’s capabilities.

Our assessments and activities are crafted according to the subject at hand. We evaluate the training program itself and determine the best method for assessing the participants. We formulate specialized assessment sheets for testing the knowledge of the learners both at the beginning and end of a training session. These sheets generally include objective questions comprising of:

create training materials

Some training programs also require subjective questions, wherein participants may be asked:

  • Answer a question in brief
  • Draw sketches or illustrations
  • Define certain concepts
  • Give reasons
  • Respond to a scenario
  • Write an essay

Apart from this, the team at Stylus also devises exciting and enriching activities for learners to partake in. These can involve either group or individual activities depending upon the requirements of a program. In the course of the create training materials, participants can engage in group discussions, role-play, debates, or other group activities; whereas individuals may be enticed to undertake certain activities, such as research, creating presentations or charts, etc. by themselves at home or even in the create training materials room as part of the learning development.