Too many words may not do the trick for everyone!

It is necessary to keep up with the changing time and trends. As one of the E learning Companies in Dubai , we understand the need to deliver content in a simple and straightforward manner. Instead of elaborating on a topic, we understand the significance of getting to the point for certain topics.

Why Microlearning?

Given the current situation and the busy schedules, not many participants or learners have the time to browse through lengthy or wordy documents. We are cognizant of this fact and are implementing new methods of delivering content to our clients. Our writers prioritize their choice of words carefully to deliver the appropriate message in a crisp and complete manner. Today, short videos have gained more prominence over short bursts of content. Videos are visually pleasing and thus delivering videos that are under the one-minute mark is our primary target for time-pressing professionals.

To bridge the gap between the increasing learning needs within less time and engaging the audience, microlearning is extremely significant. It has the right ingredients to retain the audience’s attention and deliver the message to the audience effectively. At Stylus, we create courses keeping in mind the client’s requirements along with the prospective audience, the topics under the course as well as the handheld devices that will feature these courses.

Are Other Forms of Content Outdated?

Since people today have very little time for themselves, the best way to engage them is to provide shreds of information every day instead of sharing it all at one time. This not only helps to digest the information quickly but also allows for long time engagement.

So does that mean that blogs, newsletters, e-learning modules, books, etc. are all backdated and redundant? Of course not. These are still very important and required to provide complete detailed information.

Micro content can in fact be used as a teaser or bait to lure the learner to the detailed information. It can also be used to solve a specific problem or answer a question for your target audience in a very short amount of time. Micro content is a great way to lead your audience deeper into the funnel of wanting to know more.

Stylus – One of the Leading E-learning Companies in Dubai

While detailed information in the form of books is significant to gaining knowledge, providing small bites of important information in an interesting way can help the learner retain information better and faster. As the name suggests, microlearning as part of online course development presents content to students in short bursts.

We provide microlearning materials in the form of:

Unlike other E learning Companies in Dubai , we at Stylus not only provide e learning modules that are fifteen minutes to one hour in duration, but also provide microlearning services to our clients, based on their needs and requirements, along with a focus on the target audience, the content that needs to be covered and the medium or device through which it will be delivered. In microlearning, the design and format are fairly different from the other courses of e-learning content development that we offer.

With the increasing popularity of short-form entertainment media, people have developed shorter attention spans and therefore tend to get bored and lose interest very quickly. This is where microlearning can be used to impart knowledge. It is most effective in cases where the learner cannot sit through long-form courses.

Microlearning is less time-consuming, more engaging, straightforward, and effective. We provide microlearning modules that are thoughtfully created with a focus on efficacy. These courses comprise little packets of information presented to the learner in easy-to-understand formats. You can confidently depend on us for any microlearning needs you may have.