Online Course Development Companies in Dubai

Visual learning at its best!

To make learning easier, videos seem to be an effective medium. It helps students form an opinion based on what they see and hear. An audio-visual medium definitely complements a traditional classroom setting. It is important to garner the attention of the students by showing them varied screens. We at Stylus, understand the need of developing videos with variety and thus engage a team of visualizers to help us create fascinating videos.

Videos present information to learners in an interesting and exciting way. They are a highly adaptable medium for conveying different messages and can be profitably applied for imparting education as well. Stylus produces valuable, entertaining as well as stimulating videos as part of their online course development for the benefit of the learners.

We are the top rated online course development companies in Dubai, UAE. Our videos are created according to the needs of the students and the demands of the subject. These learner-centric videos are formulated on the basis of the course’s teaching objectives, learning outcomes, target audience, skill level, and overall goals; they assist teachers in fulfilling these objectives and goals in a fun and efficient manner.

Most of Stylus’s educational videos consist of an amalgamation of images, sounds, and written text, making it a multisensory learning experience. As these videos engage the students’ visual as well as auditory senses along with their reading skills, they are far more likely to be effective and memorable than simple worded texts. Furthermore, Stylus allows you to make your videos interactive, thereby making them even more attractive for learners.

With Stylus Solutions which is top rated online course development companies in Dubai, UAE you can create videos that include:

Being among one of the established online course development companies, we create different types of videos, such as motion graphic videos, character animation videos, and simulation videos, depending upon the topic at hand. These videos are also fashioned with age-appropriate elements and themes.

Motion graphic videos:

A great blend of sound, text, images, motion, and animation is what makes motion graphic videos stand apart. A good level of visualization can make these videos an effective means of sharing information. These kinds of videos are best suited for developing large amounts of videos within a limited time and budget. These videos are commonly seen in the educational industry where multiple videos are required for different subjects and grades.

Basic animation videos:

Effectively used in conveying a story, basic animation videos often include characters with some primary movements such as the head, hand, eye and lip movements. They can be used for nursery rhymes and stories. The movements in this type of video are often restricted, thus making it a cost-effective way of portraying a character along with movements.

Simulation videos:

For complex procedures that need a hands-on trial before attempting the actual procedure, simulations can be the best option. These videos give learners an opportunity to perform procedures in a virtual environment that imitates the real environment online. The advantage of these videos is that the learner can re-do the procedures as many times as they please until it is error-free. These are often used to capture an on-screen procedure or provide screens where the students can perform the steps without actually using the application.

Character animation videos:

These types of videos are very similar to basic animation videos, except that the characters perform complex movements, such as sitting and standing, running and walking, etc. While these are an excellent form for retention of concepts, they need a more flexible timeline to develop the details and are also very expensive. These are commonly used in the entertainment industry and for marketing advertisements.