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While digital learning is the need of the hour, the importance of classroom learning can never be undermined. It is therefore significant that change in learning patterns is brought in through a blended learning approach that combines traditional instructor-led training and virtual learning. A blended approach would help facilitate the digital transition slowly and at a pace that is comfortable for everyone.

Blended learning comprises a mix of traditional Instructor-Led Training (ILT) and modern online training to provide students with a well-rounded educational program. Blended learning is also referred to as hybrid, mixed, or integrated learning.

This type of learning combines the benefit of human interaction availed in conventional classroom education with the efficiency and ease of e-learning technologies. Stylus is one of the best learning and development consultancy in Dubai, UAE, facilitates reliable, high-quality, blended learning solutions as a part of e-learning content development so that you can get the best of both worlds.

Blended learning usually includes three main approaches:

  • Online learning materials, often including pre-recorded lectures. Learners are usually encouraged to complete the online course before the classroom session.
  • In-person classroom activities facilitated by a trained facilitator. The facilitator places emphasis on empowering students with the skills and knowledge required to make the most of the online material and independent study time, guiding students toward the most meaningful experience possible. Facilitators can shift their focus from the delivery of knowledge to its application
  • Structured independent study time guided by the material in the lectures and skills developed during the classroom experience.

A course created in a blended learning model uses the classroom time for activities that benefit the most from direct interaction. Stylus is a learning and development consultancy that creates learning and teaching materials tailored to your needs. Our instructional designers take into account the resources available to teachers as well as learners before forming a course plan. We develop blended learning modules which comprise:

  • E-Learning modules – These are online digital courses that deliver the information using interactivities, text and graphics
  • Activity-based classroom events – This lists the activities that a facilitator can conduct in the classroom along with the expected results.
  • Interactive PDFsPDFs – These are PDF files that have interactions, such as typing text, watching a video, playing audio, linking sections or websites, etc. This makes the PDF interactive and more engaging.
  • Review modules – These are online review sessions that quickly help you summarise the important points of a section or chapter. They can also be included to summarize 3-4 modules.
  • Digital assessments – These are online assessments that are used to check a learner’s progress. They are interactive in nature and include activities like fill in the blanks, true or false, drag and drop, select the correct answer, etc. The results are provided at the end of the assessment.
  • Videos – These digital videos can include text and image animation, basic character animation or recordings of teachers teaching
  • PPTs – These are online presentations that can be used to provide additional information and case studies.
  • Learner guides – These are physical books provided to learners with detailed information on the subject. This acts like a textbook for the learners to read.
  • Teacher guides – These provide guidance and ideas to the facilitators to conduct the classroom session. It lists the duration of each session along with instructions on how to conduct the class with additional examples.
  • Assessments – These are assessments provided to learners in a physical form in a classroom setting. We can create pre-session and post-session assessments to help identify the progress of the learners. Answers to the questions are provided separately to the facilitators for quick reference and grading.

To make blended learning more powerful, organizations should select the correct mix or blend. While some forms of media like video, simulations, and webinars are more exciting, others like books, documents, conference calls and presentations can provide more details for self-paced learning. Based on our experience as a learning and development consultancy, we at Stylus, help you select the correct mix of instructional methodologies to create the desired impact.

With Stylus Solutions, you are free to choose your favored mode of instruction—whether it is online teaching or traditional classroom setting, or a combination of both, we can devise the perfect strategy for your learning requirements.