Adding the E (enthusiasm) to your learning – E learning Dubai

Adding the E (enthusiasm) to your learning – E learning Dubai.

While books are a great way to share detailed information regarding a topic, e-learning modules allow you to highlight the important points in an interesting and interactive manner to make learning easy.

We at Stylus, develop courses that can be used across multiple platforms, browsers and devices. We provide the following elearning Dubai services:

At Stylus, we are known to cater to our client’s needs and specifically develop the course keeping our target audience in mind. To create a customized e-learning module, we take references from existing content and we also develop fresh content as and when needed. As we offer e learning Dubai services to our clients across the globe, we develop a number of solutions for you to choose from. The technologies that we usually make use of include Captivate and Articulate. Our custom e-learning courses have various options differing in terms of interactivity and complexity based on your budget and requirement.

While the entire world is engaged viewing short forms of content, we at Stylus too, keep that in mind while suggesting some of our content offerings to our clients. Microlearning is currently trending among other forms of content as people are more interested in small bursts of content. Delivering shorter bites of content engages the audience better and promises a good retention rate. Under microlearning, we create content in the forms of short videos, infographics, articles, PPTs, GIFs, etc. We develop microlearning as an independent form of learning and can also include it as a part of a larger e-learning offering.

It is very important for our audience to understand what they read or watch. This is where translation and localization play a major role. Translation is where the text is converted to suit the language of the audience without changing the meaning of the context. It is often considered when the content is to be distributed across various countries with people who understand different languages. Localization on the other hand is when a cultural stimulant is used to make the content feel close to the audience’s home. While creating our content, we ensure to weave in the audience’s culture and lifestyle to ensure a quick connection and understanding.

At Stylus we develop engaging and attractive videos that capture the attention of the audience. We develop videos for marketing purposes and educational purposes. Our instructional designers, animators and graphic artists work in tandem to create such interactive videos. We develop a number of videos based on the requirements of clients, but the most common ones are motion graphic videos, screen-capture videos, basic animation videos, character animation videos and explainer videos, among others.

To prevent the monotony of one mode of learning, Stylus offers a mix of learning aids in the form of blended learning. We create blended learning courses that are an ideal mix of traditional Instructor-Led Training (ILT) as well as modern online or e-learning courses. Before we devise a course, our instructional designers consider the resources and devices available to facilitators and learners. Whether you need online learning or a classroom-based course, Stylus can cater to your requirements keeping the target audience in mind.

With so much importance given to mobile devices, Stylus offers courses in the form of mobile learning. These courses are created keeping in mind the devices’ dimensions and the compatibility with iOS and Android operating systems. These courses enable learners to learn on-the-go and at their own pace. While our content writers and instructional designers customize the content, our graphic designers and animators ensure that the elements used are user-friendly, attractive and don’t slow the pace.

A great mix of technology as well as content, presentations are considered an effective tool to deliver information. At Stylus, we develop presentations for courses as well as corporate presentations. While we create these presentations, we ensure to include all the elements that will attract the audience’s attention. Our presentations contain a varied range of colors, images, diagrams, flowcharts, animations, infographics, audios, graphs, charts and in some cases videos too.

As a part of our digital learning package, we also create simple and interactive PDFs that can be uploaded on an LMS. These online PDFs can include statistics relevant to a topic, the course outline, key points, and added information.