Make the best use of every minute in a session!

A lesson plan details the topics that need to be taught in a particular class and presents the most efficient strategy for completing the syllabus within the allotted time in a year. It is essentially a roadmap that defines what subjects to teach and which chapters to cover in which class.

The team at Stylus creates well-thought-out and proficient lesson plans according to the requirements of the course. We divide various chapters and topics into appropriate sessions and assign a suitable amount of time to be dedicated to each topic in our lesson plans. This reduces a teacher’s daily hassle of planning out a session and allows them to focus on imparting the knowledge instead.

A lesson plan specifies the daily objectives instead of looking at the big picture. At Stylus, with a focus on learning development, we create lesson plans that integrate the following aspects in a session while keeping in mind the overall teaching and learning goals of the course:

  • Breaks
  • Activities
  • Q&A discussions
  • Assessments
  • Session closure

Our lesson plans exhibit sessions cleverly interspersed with activities, breaks, assessments, and doubt-solving periods at intervals so that students do not lose their attentiveness. All of these elements are carefully pondered upon and contemplated by our teachers and instructional designers before they are incorporated into the lesson plan.

Our teachers, with their knowledge and understanding of students and their learning prowess, take deliberate and researched decisions to ascertain that learners profit from every session. Thus, a good, efficient lesson plan can be beneficial for students as well as teachers.

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