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Stylus Solutions Pvt. Ltd. was founded as a content-writing company in India on March 26, 2009. Over time, to fulfil various customer requests and demands, the company has evolved into a vast enterprise with clients located all over the globe. Today, we provide an extensive choice of content solutions ranging from simple and creative blogs to broad, multifaceted yet effective training materials, e-learning course modules as well as educational courseware.

Stylus Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is managed by the inspiring duo of Delnaz Edulji and Dinyar Edulji. They bring to the board a whopping cumulative experience of 84 years and the knowledge that comes along with it.

Ms. Delnaz Edulji, has in-depth knowledge and understanding of the writing industry. She holds a Business Management certificate from the Indian School of Business (ISB) and a diploma certificate in programming (GNIIT) from NIIT. Mr. Dinyar has completed his Middle Management course at the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) – Ahmedabad. He has also completed a diploma course in Business Organization and Management from the Indian Merchants Chamber (IMC).

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Delnaz Edulji

Managing Director and CEO

Dinyar Edulji


Our in-house team consists of specialists, such as technical writers, instructional designers, copywriters, and creative writers, whose expertise guarantees high-quality writing for your product. Furthermore, our editors and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) certify that your content is accurate and up-to-date.

Our team of graphic artists use their imagination, innovation, and ingenuity, to bring your words to life with the help of fascinating as well as eectual illustrations and designs. Our 2D animators, integrators, and video editors work in tandem with our writers and artists to create fully-integrated solutions.

Our writers contemplate over every comma, colon, and full stop to give you the most precise, clear, and error-free content, while our designers question every element of the product to ensure that your expectations are outdone. All written content undergoes a thorough examination and enrichment process under our editors to ascertain that you are provided with error and plagiarism-free content.

We are a mixed bag of creative professionals with a wide range of skills, all at your disposal for your content requirements. Whether it is e-learning development, curriculum development, designing or writing, our team adds life to words. We have all the expertise to develop end-to-end courseware books, e-learning courses and training materials.

Our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) provide insight to our writers and guide them throughout the writing journey. We have a range of male and female voice-over artists for varied accents, languages and dialects. Our creative team includes programmers, 2D animators, integrators and video editors who ensure that each individual section of our product is efficiently put together as a complete package.

If you are looking for assistance with regards to elearning companies in UAE, courseware development, graphic design companies, and other content-related requests, make your Stylus your one-stop solution.

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Our Values

We believe that trust forms the basis of any relationship, be it work or personal

We exhibit honesty at work to build trust with our clients and vendors. Our written and clear communication forms the basis of understanding and setting expectations. We also believe that consistency is the key to building a long-term relationship. We deliver every phase of the project with the same quality and dedication as the sample showcased or POC submitted. We also ensure that our team

While ensuring ethics and values at work, we are also a fun bunch of people who participate in games and outings arranged by the organization from time to time to create harmony and bonding among all.