Quizzes & Puzzles

A straight road to learning might get monotonous, try our quizzes & puzzles!

At Stylus, we create quizzes and puzzles as an informal assessment tool. These resources or tools help the teacher assess how much of the course material a learner has comprehended. This helps both teachers and learners understand if there are any knowledge gaps and in turn, aids the teachers in monitoring each student’s progress.

Our content development team at Stylus creates these quizzes and puzzles based on the course material. They help to recall the course material discussed in class, which helps the students retain the information in a fun and stress-free manner.

While creating these quizzes and puzzles, the team at Stylus provides a wide variety of quiz types and puzzles along with interesting layouts and scenarios that are age-appropriate.

These quizzes can be hardcopy on a piece of paper or a softcopy that can be accessed on the computer or similar devices. Our team at Stylus generates effective courseware material that helps a learner gain maximum benefit while enhancing the overall experience.

Some of the types of puzzles we create include:

  • Crossword
  • Connecting dots
  • Find the objects
  • Correct the incorrect options
  • Form words with the letters provided
  • Math fun with operators
  • Find the correct answer
  • Analyze and act