Assessment and Activity Sheets

Let’s gauge your memory!

An assessment sheet usually includes a few questions, which are subjective and objective in nature. The objective questions can include multiple choice questions, fill in the blanks, match the following, true or false and so on. The subjective questions usually include short or long answer questions or essay questions, such as answering in brief, preparing an analysis of a situation, drawing or sketching, depending upon the course content.

Assessment sheets are part of training development and can be given at the beginning and end of a course as a pre-assessment and a post-assessment. A pre-assessment is when the assessment sheet is shared at the beginning of a session to help you assess the prior knowledge of the learners about the topic at hand. A post-assessment is when the assessment sheet is distributed at the end of the session to allow you to assess how much they have learnt through the training.

At Stylus, we also provide activity sheets to provide context and direction and to observe the outcomes of the course. These activities may include making a presentation, having a group discussion, or doing additional research and sharing the findings. It is crucial for every activity created to be meaningful, purposeful and useful.

The major contents of an assessment and activity sheet include:

  • Tests (Objective or subjective questions)
  • Practical simulations
  • Analysis
  • Activities
  • Quizzes

At Stylus, we create the assessment and activity sheets for each unit or module so that if the learner has done well, there is motivation to go ahead and if not, a learner can always revisit and re-learn. In some courses, these activity sheets are mapped against the learning outcomes as well as the performance criteria of a particular course.