Mobile Learning

Now learn on your smartphone!

As the adoption of mobile devices in the workplace is growing rampantly, it has definitely inspired a number of benefits. Mobile learning is one such significant benefit. Stylus, which best e learning new in york we cater to your needs and reach out to your target audience by helping them learn on the go. There are some organizations that are using mobile learning as their source to deliver training and upskill their employees who are on job sites or travelling.

At Stylus, best e learning company in new york we provide mobile learning solutions that are compatible with both iOS and Android platforms. Whether it is videos, podcasts, assessments or training modules, our team gauges the target audience to suggest the most suitable forms of mobile learning.

Mobile learning includes:

  • Videos
  • Animations
  • Podcasts
  • GIFs
  • Micro modules of content

These courses are created specifically for a mobile device and its specifications are adjusted according to the said screen size and dimensions. In mobile learning, the content programmed into the course is based on the size of the handheld device.

Our creative team combines creativity and technology to deliver the most ideal and relatable mobile learning solutions in e-learning development. These mobile learning solutions are known to translate learning into performance.