Learning is made easy through reading!

The content team at Stylus creates content for the books with the assistance of teachers and SMEs. Stylus has created over 150+ courseware books across different subjects and age groups. We have a team of SMEs and teachers who critically review the courseware for any missing content. Our language editors ensure that all the commas and full stops are in place and that the language is easy for children to follow. Once the content is approved, we design the books in attractive layouts to add life to every page.

K 12 Content Development (Kindergarten to Grade 12)

At Stylus, we develop content that is age-appropriate and at each level, encourage the child towards better learning. We understand that each child learns differently, and accordingly, we provide a wide array of learning options. Our K 12 courseware / k12 learning solutions includes:

  • Textbooks
  • Well-drafted scripts
  • Activity Books
  • Answer Booklets
  • Teacher Guides
  • Puzzles
  • Worksheets
  • Workbooks
  • Presentations
  • Videos
  • Question Banks

reinforce what has been taught to ensure retention. Imparting knowledge can be reinforced in the form of activities, textbooks, worksheets, rhymes, puzzles, stories and videos, among others. The k12 learning solutions by Stylus is fun, informative, attractive and easy to understand.

To create efficient courseware, the foundation needs to be strong – the appropriate content. We, at Stylus, have a team of SMEs and teachers who guide our content team to ensure that we have all the right topics covered for the said age groups. While creating these courses, Stylus abides by the Bloom’s Taxonomy among other writing standards. Our end-to-end courses include objectives, recap, summary, puzzles, notes, tips and tricks, additional information, questions, and more.

We also design creative and well-thought layouts along with engaging titles that will connect almost instantly with the learners. For children in school, we develop courseware with simple language, images in the form of colorful illustrations or sketches and lots of examples. The creative and attractive illustrations and sketches are designed by our creative team and are chosen in sync with the course content. Our team of writers work closely with our illustrators and designers to ensure that all the elements are in sync.

Higher Education

Learning should never be limited to just school. Higher education can be pursued through college or along with work too. Stylus is the best k12 learning solutions carefully curates structured courses that will help a learner enhance his or her overall learning experience. Each subject and course have pre-defined learning objectives for topics. The purpose of these books is to encourage learning while also creating stronger teacher-student communication.

At Stylus, our courseware has a well-defined curriculum, thus providing clarity on each of the topics and increasing the level of complexity with each course. While creating these books, the team works along with experienced teachers and subject matter experts (SMEs) only to ensure that the content in the courseware is technically correct and well-suited for its target audience. The course content is inclusive of current trends and data that is also light, fun and interesting, all while being comprehensible to the learner.

Each course is well-designed to combine interesting layouts and activities to ensure optimum engagement from the learners. Learner-friendly titles along with engaging infographics, illustrations and sketches are some elements apart from the content that enhances the learner’s experience. There is also a notes page allotted for learners to take notes or jot down ideas. Some of these books also contain model questionnaires for learners to get a feel of the exams.

For ease of understanding, the books also contain examples, analogies and scenarios to make a concept simpler for the learners. These courses can be conducted in a live classroom or online, or via computer-based training (CBT) and interactive courseware (ICW). While developing these, Stylus takes into consideration the other factors, such as medium of presentation, access to resources, target audience, geographic location, duration and session time.

The courseware is created to engage the learners and to do so our content is usually written in a thought-provoking manner that encourages reflection.

Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

Stylus specializes in developing technology-based content. Our books explain the technical topics with simplicity using examples and analogies. Where required, step-by-step procedures with screenshots are also provided.

We have written ICT content across various topics, such as C++, Java, HTML, App Development, Gaming, etc. We also develop how-to articles for different software.

Our ICT books contain:

k-12 content development

While practical might seem fun, at Stylus we deliver theory in a fun and elaborate way too. The ICT books follow a structure that includes objectives of a unit, images, illustrations or screenshots, some exercises and assessments at the end of each chapter and project work. At the end of each unit, project work includes a practical activity for students to perform on a computer and assess how much they’ve learned.

To keep up with the transformation, students have begun to use digital resources over traditional resources to communicate effectively. To address this need, we also provide videos along with the ICT books.