Online Videos

Watch and learn to create fun learning experiences!

Videos are attractive and entertaining for the mind. Thus, elearning course development has gained importance as watching a video helps learners visualize the content covered in a course. This can change a learner’s perspective regarding a subject.

As a leading e-learning company, we design and develop videos to make learning more interactive and fun. Educators can now upgrade their courses to include video-based learning material. The video design and development team at Stylus creates engaging videos using well-created and flowing content, attractive music, appropriate vocals, and easily comprehensible visuals so that the learning experience is fruitful.

We create videos for nursery level, K-12, higher education and other learner-driven content. We create different types of videos, such as character animation and motion graphics based on the topic to be covered.

Whether the videos need to be nursery-level vibrant with the use of many colors, and animation with a number of characters, or screen-capture videos to show a process, or explainer videos that break down a concept, Stylus takes a closer look at your requirements to suggest the best type of video that suits your needs.

Our online course development videos include:

  • Attractive color palettes
  • Well-drafted scripts
  • Enticing music
  • Appealing voice over vocals
  • Smooth flowing content
  • Comprehensible visuals

With a talented bunch of instructional designers, video design and development professionals, Stylus conveys the information in the shortest amount of time. This enables us to deliver the message effectively and make learning and development fun and friendly.

What makes us distinct from other elearning course development companies the fact that we also have a varied range of videos to choose from based on your content and budget. The different types of videos include motion graphic, character animation, and simulation videos. Each type of video is unique because of its novel features. Our team is happy to make suggestions and keep you updated with the latest trends.

Motion graphic videos

A good blend of text, sound, images and animation is what makes motion graphics stand out. Based on the content, visualization at a good level will help to quickly share information. This form of video is effective if you have a limited time frame and budget and want to create large amounts of videos for different subjects across various grades.

Basic animation videos

This form includes basic movements such as the hand, eye, lip and head movements. It is effective when conveying a story as they include characters. This is commonly used to develop videos for nursery rhymes and stories. The movements in this form are limited thus making them cost-effective to portray a character with basic movements.

Simulation videos

Most commonly used in complex and usually hands-on procedures, simulation videos enable learners to perform the steps as mocks before actually attempting the original procedure. It is an opportunity given to participants to perform these procedures in a virtual environment that imitates the real environment. This form is beneficial to learners as they can do and re-do these procedures multiple times, without causing harm or damage to any software or living being, until they reach perfection.

Character animation videos

Similar to basic animation videos, the characters in this form of video can also perform movements. However, they perform many more complex movements such as sitting, standing, walking, running, etc. As these videos are detailed, they need a flexible time frame to fine-tune the details and are equally expensive. This form is commonly used in the entertainment industry and also in certain marketing advertisements.

For any elearning course development needs, such as online videos, interactive PDFs, e-learning modules, PowerPoint presentations, interactive assessments, etc., drop us an e-mail or reach out to us over a call to share your requirements.