Visual representation has its own appeal!

It is important to create training materials to build your employees’ skills. To beat the monotony of textual information, presentations have been widely used. Adding a little context, colour, animation and visual elements to your mode of teaching may make learning interesting for learners. We at Stylus, keep this in mind while creating presentations as part of training materials. In situations where a complex topic or subject needs to be explained, making use of presentations might seem a good option as it helps students visualize and retain information better.

At Stylus, we create training materials, presentations that are not text-heavy, which aid facilitators as well as participants, go through the content easily. We make use of a number of images, diagrams, flowcharts, infographics colors, statistics, graphs, and illustrations that are attractive as well as resourceful for the learners to understand the content being taught. Along with visual stimulation, we also add interesting activities to entice the participants and encourage further engagement.

Online learning has bridged the gap between learning and technology. The creative team at Stylus develops engaging content and equally interesting visual elements and graphics that complement the content. Presentations have proven to be an effective aid to other e-learning development tools. Today, the teachers and facilitators make use of visual aids to break down and explain complex ideas or concepts to the learners.

At Stylus, we develop presentations that contain

  • Minimalistic text that covers the main points
  • Interesting layouts, infographics, flowcharts, statistics, images andvideos
  • Suggestions to the faculty on what topic of the learner guide to cover for the particular slide, and how the content can be taught using quick games/quizzes or other activities

While creating presentations, we include a facilitator or faculty notes section that provides analogies or notes to guide facilitators on how to introduce a topic, when to indulge in activities and what kind of questions to ask to create curiosity among learners. These notes are also helpful when a substitute teacher has to take over a class as he or she will be guided by these notes.

In addition to creating presentations for faculties, Stylus also create training materials / learning development presentations for learners who wish to learn at their pace. These presentations include a basic level of animation to introduce content slowly without cluttering the screen. This also allows the learner to read one point at a time as it appears on the screen. This is an additional learning aid among the training materials provided. Since presentations cover important topics and are quick to read, they serve as a great reference point during examinations for revision.

When creating presentations for learners, we ensure to include tips, notes, summaries as well as pointers so that the learners can get an overall learning experience. We also ensure that the content is participant-friendly and beneficial in their learning journey.