Lesson Plans

Let’s take the stress off planning.

An important element of teaching that brings about structure in a session is a lesson plan. It guides the teacher on how to complete all the topics and subjects within the time period available. The guide outlines every day of your teaching and includes the following:

  • Session opening
  • Discussion time
  • Subjects to be covered
  • Chapters to be covered along with suggested pedagogy
  • Break time
  • Session closing

A lesson plan is a detailed description created in advance about the entire course to complete the syllabus. At Stylus, our courseware development team prepares these keeping in mind a student’s grasping power and attention span. Lesson plans are a teacher’s map to guide students appropriately throughout the course.

We create a lesson plan to act as an effective tool that helps teachers distinguish the usage of time per class and how to make that time more interesting and engaging. We allot time for activities, analogies, role-playing and group discussions based on the prior knowledge of the students as well as the facilitator. We at Stylus, understand that in-depth planning for each unit might seem a little overwhelming, but to facilitators, it is like moving forward with clear objectives and goals to accomplish.