Workbooks & Activity Sheets

Now practice what you’ve learned!

Workbooks and activity sheets are practical tools to check if the goals of the course are being met. Knowledge as we know is driven by questions and not so much by answers. Asking questions encourages and motivates to learn. Here is where workbooks play a major role. It is a way to assess a learner’s knowledge about the subject at hand.

Stylus is one of the best indian elearning companies in usa that develops workbooks and activity sheets as a part of the training materials suite and other education-related services. These help to assess and review a learner’s progress. We develop workbooks and activity sheets that are age-appropriate and challenging enough to engage the mind. These workbooks and activity sheets are mapped according to the course content and learning objectives. Our workbooks also include a practice space for students to attempt the exercises listed.

We are the top rated indian elearning companies in usa , creates workbooks and activity sheets that are subjective and performance-based, such as scenario-based questions and case studies. We also provide other objective activities in the form of fill in the blanks, multiple choice questions, true or false, match the columns and find the odd one out, among others to aid learning development.

At Stylus, workbooks and activity sheets are created to:

These assessment tools are created along with the other learning materials provided. Students can refer to the study materials and then attempt these workbooks and activity sheets to assess how much they have understood from the course.

The activities developed are well-thought for each grade and are related to the course curriculum as well as other skills expected of them. Listed below are some of the features included in our workbooks and activity sheets.

Group discussions

Sharing ideas with a group enables learners to gain confidence in the way they think and speak. When ideas are brainstormed in a group setting, each participant learns to respect the other’s ideas and opinions. Ideas that some learners may have not thought about may be spoken by another participant, thus helping others gain perspective.

Role play

To perform as a said character, learners need to conduct in-depth research. Role-playing sheds light on the character that the students are going to perform, so they understand how their character thinks or used to think and operate. Playing out a scenario helps retain information better. It also helps build other skills, such as teamwork, communication, coordination, etc.


To participate in a debate, a participant’s research needs to be strong and factual. This encourages participants to spend some time researching and learning individually or in a group. Speaking during a debate helps learners develop the necessary confidence to conduct themselves while also listening to what their opposing team shares. It teaches them to respect and understand another’s perspective and opinion.


Quizzes are always fun and refreshing to the mind. We include different types of quizzes, such as crossword, word search, make words using letters, maze, etc. Our quizzes include key terms of a chapter and thus help learners quickly recall information learnt.

Research work

A young mind is always curious, and there’s no better way to empower them than with research work. By encouraging students to research a particular topic, we teach them to learn more by resolving any queries they may have through research. It is a good idea to encourage children to share their research to clear any incorrect findings.

Creating presentations

Asking students to create presentations on a key concept helps them retain information better. This is because the learner needs to perform research and explain the concept in their own way. This can only be done if the learner has understood the concept. Also, presentations encourage learners to visualize and have fun using graphics.


Learning with reinforcement is always interesting. Some learners may need motivation to study further and this can be done with the help of games that include scores and points. Winning and participating are all part of learning and can be stimulating and encouraging to help learners focus on their task or chapter at hand.

Brainstorming sessions

As a best indian elearning companies we believe that learning happens best when the mind is curious to learn. The best way to create curiosity is through brainstorming sessions, where the facilitator probes the learners with questions. The questions can be related to current affairs, such as “If you were the President of your country, what measures would you take to encourage world peace?” or “What activities would you perform to encourage your society to be animal friendly?”. This helps learners become responsible citizens and also makes them aware of world affairs. Young minds usually have the most interesting solutions to common problems and brainstorming encourages them to explore their options.