Interactive Videos

Be it a toddler or an adult, who doesn’t enjoy watching videos?

Stylus Solutions’ creative and talented team is always on the lookout for the latest trend or technique to garner the audience’s attention. What better way to convey your message than a well-crafted video? The team at Stylus provides services like elearning content development for educational video production and marketing video creation. At the base of creating a fun and interactive video is a well-drafted script. Our content specialists and instructional designers ensure that the script is adept to create an interesting video.

Our main focus is to convey the information in the shortest span of time. Once our content experts create the script, our skilled team of instructional designers visualize the video and prepare notes for our animators and graphics team to work on. Our experienced team of graphic designers and animators work closely with our instructional designers to create unique and appealing videos for the specified target audience.

Whether it is for marketing or for education, our team specializes in creating under-a-minute videos depending on your requirement. This short form of content delivery helps your message reach the target audience quickly while keeping them engaged and interested. Our team consists of educational experts who work with us in creating such videos for educational institutes, management students as well as corporates willing to upskill their employees and sell their products/services.

At Stylus, we offer video development, and education content development services for the education sector as well as the corporate sector.


Most children enjoy watching videos that are fun and interesting. Stylus is one of the best education content development companies. Our video development team helps to make learning fun by developing videos that enable children to enjoy while they learn. The team at Stylus is known to provide creative and engaging content, attractive voice over vocals and comprehensible visuals for nursery level, K12 and higher education learners. The videos created by Stylus are learner-driven and help you optimize the effectiveness of your learning program.


Even adult learners enjoy interactive means of learning, whether these are videos, PDFs or PPTs and such other delivery methods. Imparting knowledge through one medium may get monotonous. To break this monotony, Stylus Solutions Pvt. Ltd. provides education content development for adult learners and organizations who wish to train their employees using videos and other interactive media.

  • Motion Graphic Videos: Motion Graphic videos consist of sound, text, charts, symbols and animation to convey data in a compelling as well as engaging way.
  • Basic Animation Videos: These videos contain characters and scenes, but the animation added to these characters is basic, like the lip, hand, and eye movements.
  • Character Animation Videos: These include moving characters and changing background scenes. They are similar to animation movies.
  • Screen-Capture Videos:Screen capture videos are mostly used to capture a procedure and are useful for step-by-step learning processes.
  • Whiteboard Videos: These are used to communicate messages and share information through quick sketches or illustrations being drawn on the screen to tell a story.
  • Explainer Videos: An explainer video is a short video that is used majorly in marketing or sales. It helps to promote an important message to the audience in an effective as well as interesting manner. A few examples of explainer videos are seen on the landing page or home page of websites. These videos usually have a call-to-action at the end.