Participant Handouts

A sneak peek into your course!

Provided as a reference to the study material, participant handouts are often handed to learners before or during the course of training. At Stylus, we create handouts based on the course content and the learner’s prior knowledge of the topic.

A participant handout is an influential tool as its design entails key points or a summary of the training session so that the learners can recall all that was discussed during the session. These handouts also contain a space for the learner to make notes while a trainer or facilitator is speaking.

Our experienced team of content writers create engaging content and attractive visual or graphic elements that are relevant for the handouts. Although these handouts are created in sync with the client’s ideas, our team does not shy away from suggesting new and more appealing ideas or the latest trends in learning development.

When creating handouts for learners, it is ideal to consider their use once the training is complete. The purpose of creating these handouts will be successful if the participants can:

  • Recall all that they have learned
  • Expand their knowledge by looking for other sources of information related to the course at hand
  • Share their findings with other learners
  • Base the rest of course on the pointers mentioned in the handout