Translation & Localization

Language should never be a barrier!

A message in the form of words or other means should be clearly conveyed without language acting as a barrier. At Stylus,we are best elearning vendors and our translation specialists ensure that the meaning of the message doesn’t change even if the language or dialect changes. Once the project is handed over to our team, we weave it into a linguistic piece of art.

Whether it’s from English or to English, our specialists across the globe take up the project with ease. Languages, dialects or accents do not deter us from delivering top notch results that please the client and the target audience alike.

Some of the services that our translation and localization specialists provide are:

  • Content Translation
  • Voice-over recording
  • Subtitling
  • Multimedia localization
  • Audio-video integration
  • Graphics localization

learning development solutions are better and globally accepted in the audience’s native languages. Localization is effective when the solution is aimed at reaching a global audience in their own native language and including a culture that the audience relates to closely. At Stylus, we customize our services to accommodate the target audience’s culture through localization.

We can translate content into various languages according to the needs of our clients. Our versatility helps our clients train local as well as international learners in the language that they understand best.

As best elearning vendors at new york we are the next best thing in learning and training options, a majority of the population thrive on this source. Most organizations are using this growing trend to dispense training as it is an effective and rapid medium. While working on videos, our translation experts look into language translation, local voice over recording and finally video subtitling.