Worried about too many words causing clutter? We’ve got your back!

As the name suggests, microlearning is the shortest form of learning. Microlearning conveys the message without using too many words.

  • Text
  • Infographics
  • 30 seconds video clips
  • Images and illustrations
  • Interactive PDF files
  • Graphs
  • Tables
  • Statistics
  • Short listicles
  • Snippets
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As the general attention span of people has decreased over time, we ensure to deliver your message in the quickest form. Microlearning, also known as bite-sized learning, is an effective way to entice your audience, but the content should be equally engaging. Stylus, we are the best elearning development companies in usa. We create engaging content and cater to the client’s needs while also keeping in mind the target audience.

With the lack of time that most learners worry about, sharing smaller shreds of information and content is an ideal way to ensure that you have their attention. Even though it may be for a short duration, the message that you deliver in that duration should be clear and memorable. We are the best elearning development companies in usa which create microleanring content keeping this objective in mind. Whatever the duration, the message should reach the participant in the most efficient way possible. While creating microlearning content, we take our clients’ suggestions into consideration while also researching on our own about the latest trends on how to keep the audience engaged. We identify our target audience and the content is created keeping them in mind.

Microlearning bridges the gap between increasing learning requirements and engaging the audience. The design and features of microlearning are fairly different from the mainstream long-form courses. This does not mean that other long forms of content, such as blogs, articles, e-learning modules and books are redundant. These forms of content are equally significant. Microlearning is like a bait used to attract the learner to an entire module or detailed information about a product or service. It can be used to answer a question in short, keeping out the details while delivering the message in a short duration of time. It is like a funnel to lead your audience into more detailed information. Microlearning packages information in little bursts which are then presented to the target audience in an easy-to-understand format. The format in which this content is delivered also makes a difference depending on the accessibility of this service. We also consider the device on which the content will be viewed.

As an elearning development companies we provide services, such as long forms of content and e-learning modules with durations of about 15 minutes to an hour, we also provide microlearning services to our clients based on their requirements. The format and design used in microlearning is completely different from the one used in e-learning modules. Microlearning is less time-consuming, engaging and effective in the way the content is delivered. While creating microleanring solutions, Stylus which is best e learning company in usa, ensures that it is created and developed with a certain efficacy that will reach your target audience.

Being a leadinge elearning development companies in usa, Stylus offers microlearning in various formats basis the client’s needs, the subject matter, the target audience and the devices that will feature this service. It is a great fit for mobile learning, but microlearning is not just limited to mobile devices. It is instrumental in times when learners cannot sit through an e-learning course at a stretch and need to bifurcate the course into parts. It is easier for the learners to retain what they read or study in smaller bursts compared to sitting through hours to complete a course.

While microlearning is an independent element, it can also be a part of a larger e-learning content development requirement.