Unable to keep learners interested and engaged through the traditional face-to-face courses? Do your learners don’t seem to collaborate well through online courses? Then, it’s probably time to combine the two to provide a blended experience.

Do your learners don’t seem to collaborate well through online courses?

One mode of communication and learning might get monotonous, so to make learning interesting and to build curiosity among learners, Stylus is the best corporate elearning solutions which creates a blend of Instructor-Led Training (ILT) courses as well as e-learning modules to provide a complete overall learning experience. Blended learning is when part of the training requires physical interaction with an instructor while the other part of the course can be covered through online solutions. The objective of combining these two modes of learning is to make learners more confident while also helping them monitor their own progress through the course.

Blended learning includes a mix of traditional classroom features along with a few digital and technological additions. When we combine these two modes of learning, we aim to provide learners with the flexibility to customize their own learning experiences. We at Stylus solutions is the top rated learning and development consultancy in the USA and are known for creating reliable, unique and high-quality learning solutions as part of our blended learning offerings so that the learners can experience the best of both worlds.

The benefits of blended learning are:

  • Increased knowledge retention
  • Assisted classroom learning
  • Digitized review and assessments
  • Regularized practice sessions
  • Reduced classroom time

With access to e-learning services at their convenience, some learners are losing out on the classroom experience. Blended learning is an apt means to strike a balance between e-learning solutions and classroom training. As a result, a lot of organizations that wish to upskill their employees look at blended learning as a form of training tool. Blended learning is also known as hybrid learning as it is a mix of online education materials as well as the classroom experience.

Stylus Solutions, the best corporate elearning solutions in the USA, helps create blended learning solutions by combining the feel of an intense classroom as well as an e-learning solution. Our blended learning solutions include interactive online learning modules, activity-based classroom events, interactive PDFs, review modules, digital assessments, videos, PPTs, learners as well as teachers’ guides, and assessments, among other e-learning content development solutions.

Our blended learning courses comprise of:

  • E-learning modules: This includes online digital courses that are known to deliver the necessary information while adding interactivities, text and graphics to make it look attractive.
  • Interactive PDFs Unlike other PDFs, these documents allow interactivity, such as typing, watching a video, hyperlinking websites, etc. This makes the document more interesting and full of surprises for the learner.
  • Review modules: Review modules provide a summary of the key points of one or more modules. It helps you to quickly revise and recall the important sections. Review modules can also be used to summarize a single chapter or more than two chapters at once.
  • Digital assessments:These are online assessments to review a learner’s progress. They can be interactive or can be regular assessments hosted online to track the progress.
  • PPTs: Presentations are created to help learners visualize better with the help of attractive visuals and audio.
  • Learner guides: Whether it is physical books or soft copies, learner guides are beneficial to participants as they provide details about the topics, in addition to what is discussed in class.
  • Teacher’s guides: This is an aid for teachers in addition to what they have already planned for the class. It suggests the duration of each session with instructions on what to discuss at which point of a chapter.

Whether you want to create customized e-learning courses, classroom training materials, or a combination of both, make Stylus your corporate elearning solutions partner for all your corporate elearning solutions needs