Facilitator Guides

Standardize your teaching through facilitator guides or faculty guides.

While each trainer brings in their expertise, it’s a great idea to have a teaching path outlined for all trainers so that the students do not miss out on the learning experience due to differences in teaching methods and experience. A facilitator guide/faculty guide/teacher guide can help you ensure that all your learners have the best learning experience irrespective of the trainer managing the class.

In addition, to keep up with the changing patterns of learning, teachers too are always on the lookout for more ideas to improvise learning. At Stylus, best custom elearning solutions company creates training materials which we ensure that the trainers have the required roadmap to keep the class engaged and interesting. We include the following elements in our facilitator or faculty guide:

  • How to start a session?
  • How to introduce a topic?
  • List any activity that can be performed for a topic being taught (provide options).
  • How to navigate from one topic to another using the learner guide?
  • What kind of questions to ask while teaching a particular topic?
  • Additional information that can be shared on a topic.
  • Any real-life case studies or examples that can be shared.
  • How to encourage the learners to ask questions?
  • Provide answers to questions listed in the learner guide.
  • How to end the session?
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While the above features are generally covered, we also develop training materials that may vary based on the nature of content and client requirements.