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Workbooks and activity sheets act as a great source of stimulating active learning in learning development. Our workbooks prompt learners to think, contemplate and look for solutions independently. This is an excellent method to assess a learner's understanding of various topics.

Stylus Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has been creating workbooks and activity sheets for learners of all age groups as part of their e-learning content development. Our workbooks work as assessment tools which are created to help learners get a hands-on practice session while they learn complex concepts at their own pace. We develop well-designed questions pertaining to the respective topics that can make learning enjoyable when merged with guidance provided by quality instructions.

We provide digital as well as printed workbooks and activity sheets. Every workbook has spaces allocated wherein students can jot down the answers as part of their practice. To make learning more exciting, we include interactive actions in digital activity sheets, such as drag and drop, moving pictures and graphics in certain sections of the workbooks and activity sheets. Some of the objective questions that we include are fill in the blanks, true or false, and other forms of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs). We also include subjective questions that consist of short essays, compositions, and scenario-based questions that need answers in brief.

These assessments and activity sheets are a part of the courseware we develop to instil confidence among the learners.