Learning on your fingertips, anytime anywhere!

In this digital age, what do you do when you have a question or when you are in doubt about something? The first thing that comes to your mind is your mobile phone! If you can pick your phone for information on-the-go, you can do the same to take up a quick course as well! Learning on-the-go is the way forward.

At Stylus, we provide mobile learning solutions as part of learning development that include gamification, videos, assessments, PowerPoint presentations and podcasts. These solutions are compatible with both iOS and Android systems. Our instructional designers carefully design the courses to have the appropriate amount of text and information making them easy to watch on a mobile screen. The courses are developed keeping in mind the screen size and dimensions.

E-learning Course Development Company

Mobile training courses are especially useful for employees working on-site. They can access the courses and online training, and feel connected to the company’s culture and goals even though they may be away.

At Stylus, we enable your need to be mobile through effective mobile learning courses.