Learning with fun, is learning made easy and memorable!

Courseware materials are incomplete without quizzes and puzzles. They are a fun way for learners to reflect on what they have learned. Among the many tools available for better learning, quizzes and puzzles are an addition that makes a difference for teachers and learners in course development.

The courseware material created by Stylus Solutions also includes quizzes and puzzles to make learning more challenging and motivating, at the same time. We understand that along with the learners; it is a boon for the instructors too. It helps in tracking and monitoring the progress of each student, with almost immediate results.

We include the following types of puzzles and quizzes in our online course development:

Keeping in mind the grade and content, our team provides an outline that will suit your courseware best. We include quizzes and puzzles in both digital and printed versions of courseware material. Learners can easily access them depending on their comfort and need.